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17:57:37 - 03-16-2000
Women, who needs them?


Ok, so that code might not have worked (*crosses her fingers*), but oh well. You get the idea. It's exciting to know that I have the next TWO days off and can actually be a person again.

Looking at the news today, there was something mentioned (I read the news online, btw. MSNBC) about a girl (actually, woman) who was arrested in Peru for working with a rebel group (bombings, shootings, and other types of terrorism). She was captured and is presently serving life in prison.

Now, if it weren't for the obscurity, I probably wouldn't have mentioned that. The woman's family wants her returned to the U.S. Why? Well, apparently a mountain-top prison in the high altitude is too much for this poor dear to handle. She's sick, she has no windows, she sleeps under many blankets when its cold and windy. Do I feel sorry for her? Hell, no! Why? Well, because she committed seriously bad crimes OUTSIDE of America.

I would think she would have been SMARTER than that. We all know that Latin American prisons (primarily Mexico)are always portrayed in movies as cold, dirty, rat and roach infested hell-holes. Why should Peru's prison be any different? She DID commit a capital offense, whether it had to do with being morally correct or not. She was an outsider, who joined a rebel group that killed people. She's damn lucky that she wasn't shot or executed.

Which brings me to my next point...

Why are we so concerned with this? She certainly picked the wrong country to shoot people, didn't she? On top of that, her family wants the public to succumb to the sensitivity thing and petition for her return. Peru was sensitive, they moved her to another prison off the mountain-top because she couldn't handle it. Wimp.

Ok, here's my segue to another topic about psychotic women. A friend of mine was hurt by a lying, manipulative, deceiving, sneak of a woman. (Insert explicative here.) Sorry, but I had to mention that. UGH!! It makes me sick. I'm so ME when I chat to people, email them, etc. When they meet me, they realize I AM who I say I AM. Let's make a rule, from here on out, no one can make themselves look better than anyone else. We will hereby assign all people a number. Yes, a number. Almost like ICQ, but without the nicknames. This way, the only difference would be change in got it, NUMBERS.

Ok, so it might not be fool-proof, but give me time. I'm still thinking about it.

By the way *hugs* to the man whose heart is broken by the okey-dokey-floosy. I love ya man!


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