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18:34:05 - 3-16-01
You will NEVER become a teacher

You Will Never Become a Teacher...

Well, I did have two ideas for my journal, but instead of trying to decide how to connect them into one, I create two. Hey, it's MY diary, I can add ten a day if I want. They call this "therapy," in case you're wondering. I'm hoping it helps.


Today, I'm standing in the hallway during my break, and who do I see? My former education professor and a lady I knew from college. Why are they in MY school, I wondered. So, being me, I went up to them to find out.


This woman (and I'm wondering how she will survive in 8th grade, considering a room of college students put her into a panic) will be doing her undergrad work here, at my school, in my building, where I'll have to see her for a semester. Oh, happy joy. I'm wondering what took her so long to start. I mean, sheesh, it's what? Mid-March already. She should've started eons ago. They have a specific amount of time to do this work before getting full-credit for it. I hope she manages.


Let me connect this with the title, ok? This man, the blithe of my existence, the itch in my scratch, the legs on a bug, the hemmoroid, told me during my interview into the education department, that I would "NEVER" be a social studies teacher. NEVER. Not as long as he was at the school. Why? Because I didn't take any crap from him when I was an undergrad. Because I didn't hesitate to correct his nastiness towards me with a sarcastic thwart or two. (By the way, he never saw me teach, ever ever ever!) I also went to the department chair and complained. I believe he even left me a nasty message on my machine once, and I called back to give him a dose of "my" own medicine. Since then, he backed off.

With all of that aside, the man told me I couldn't do what I was paying A LOT of money to learn HOW to do. Confused? He told me I couldn't teach before I even began. Talk about weeding out the weaklings. Knowing what he was trying to do to me only made me want to torment him more. So I took his class, three times.

Talk about torchure. Oi vey! He was the most opinionated, self-absorbed, arrogant, s-o-b I ever met. To top it off, I didn't take his crap. That just tied a knot in his shorts, trust me. He cringed EVERYTIME he would call roll the first day of each course. There I would be: (*smile*) HEY! Professor _________, betcha didn't think you'd see me, huh?

Hey, I'm entitled to be that way, I paid a hell of a lot of money for a less than mediocre course. These mediocre courses which I obtained A's in (ha!). So there!

What's even stranger is when he pulled me aside before student teaching. (Prepare yourselves.) He said, "I think you're going to make a great teacher."

I'm thinking, what's the catch. I'm still waiting for the catch. He brutually insulted me IN FRONT of my peers during the first class, harassed me all three years, and finally admitted I might be able to do it?

Sure, play hardball with me. I like a challenge. When I had him for the last class (it was supposed to be geared towards high school social studies people), he made a grave mistake. He insulted me in front of people, again. But, this time, not a one liked him (all 8 of us). When he critiqued my speaking ability, (bear in mind, I was NERVOUS)he said I spoke too quickly. (No kidding!) My retort was (as I was going to my seat), "At least I enunciate my words." (SLAM!!)

By the way, not only did HE speak with lightening speed, but he mumbled ferociously, spat on people, and couldn't sit still (we call that ADHD).

Did it piss him off? OH YEAH BABY. Heck, I'm a chick in a man's world (high school social studies isn't gender neutral, in case you haven't noticed), and I refuse to take lip from an associate professor whom no one liked, no one respected, and who didn't show me respect (even though I was WAY nice to him the whole time, except for a few jabs...yey me).

So, what's next?

I plan on taking over and being the boss. I'm a Taurus (not the car type), and I like control. Or, at least that's what they tell me.



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