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21:02:42 - 03-17-2001
Rainy Day Manipulations

Happy Irish Day

Better yet, St. Patty's is everyday, so the Irish say.

I called the car dealer today to see if my new suv is done and ready to be picked up. ACtually, the stupid dealer neglected to call me about the stupid monthly payments, and the cutesy lil salesman I had up and left me without calling. Lovely. Anyways, he (new manager man) said, "Well, 8-10 weeks is a little inaccurate. The guys around here tell me 3-4 months." Well, I did my math. That's 2 months more than I was promised (via blood, firstborn, and all that was in him). This SUCKS!!

Well, I had the guy so flustered on the phone today...grrr...I told him that I wanted it by the beginning of April. No if's and's or but's about it. Geez, you'd think that if someone was buying NEW that they'd give their eye teeth or something. Figures, put men in charge and see what happens?

Let a woman sell a truck and see how it turns out. The damned thing doesn't even have vanity mirrors. Isn't that what Saturn boasted about in their earlier commercials? A woman saying she was tired of salesMEN showing her the pretty colors and the vanity mirrors. Well, this chick wants the friggin vanity mirrors, 4WD and room to drive it.

Freakin salespeople!


I went to TGIFriday's today. OMG! I think the job requirement to work there is that you MUST be a dork. Not only do you have to dress up w/ those stupid Mork and Mindy suspenders, but decorate them in pins, hanging/dangling things, bells, whistles, lips, and whatever else you find at a thrift store. THEN, you put on the most RETARDED hat you can find. (I think one kid had the Marlon Brando biker hat, in black leather...or pleather...whatever) Our guy was such a humongous dork.....tall foam hat and fake huge afro and all. And, to make matters worse, he dumped a cup of soda on some poor lady who was waiting to place her order. Now THAT'S service, I tell you!

So, I'm sitting there, eating my dinner, wondering how much they actually pay these people to publicly humiliate themselves. I'd say, not much. But, then again, who can tell. If you LOOK like a dork, and ACT like a dork, does that entitle you to huge tips? All I know is that it didn't give me great service, not even good. It was more like mediocre, at best.

At least the food was good.

And I didn't even have corned beef (aka the salt-lick).

That's good, because who wants to drink a vat of water to get rid of THAT? Not me. It's bad enough that I have to pee a lot anyways (water waaaaaaater) I think if I were in a desert, I'd refuse water anyways. It has no taste, it's so blah. Unless it's hot out and you pack it full of ice. Then it's ok.

I saw "The Replacements" last night. OMG I love Keanu Reeves. Even though I hear he kisses like a dead fish and has a personality of a...a...dishrag.

He's eyecandy. And in my book, eyecandy is an ok thing too. :)

Ok, that be it for now.



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