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20:53:33 - 03-18-2001
Sleeping Weekends

Weekends are too short

I swear, just as I settle down into a comfortable spot, the freakin weekend ends. Phooey!

I never get time to myself. When I do, I sleep. Is that a good thing? Probably not. I mean, why sleep the day away? Well, because I can, that's why.

Then, I realize that perhaps the weekend would be better suited if I caught up on things I can't do during the week. WRONG! That's stupid, why do chores on a nice Saturday when you could be out and about. But...where would I go?


That's why I think weekends would be better if longer. This way I can use one day to sleep, one for chores, and one to do what I wanted. Now, that'd be cool. Kill off the Mondays! No one likes them, and they only ruin the week. Let that be sleep day.

But, who do I goto in order to get this official? Do we have a calendar-person? Hell, no! If I'm gonna do this, I have to go big. As far as I know, no one does this "Change the weekend status" without permission from God and all that's holy. Which kinda sucks, considering that a small percentage of people don't even believe in God. (Right?)

Anyways....I feel sleep deprived, cranky, definitely NOT in the mood to work tomorrow...and I got nothing done.



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