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04:19 p.m. - 03-22-2001


Ok, I'm finally able to update my entries. Why? I have no idea. Maybe the almighty diary gods have looked favorably upon me. Maybe they feel pity. Again, I'm not sure (but fix it, ok?).

Well, I win. What do I win? Not a new car, not a vacation to some island, and not money (tho I could use all three).

Today, I won. I won a battle (long one) against a violent student. Finally someone wants to get him help...ONLY after I suggested several times to get him a psyche evaluation and evaluated by child study. AM I happy? You betcha. He's also out of my class for a while on suspension. (Some kids never learn.)


Truck update. (I've been waiting on a new SUV for eons now.) I should have one from another dealership anyday now (my translation: sometime before the NEXT century) Ain't it great?

Well, I need to create questions for a Mr. (school's name) show for Monday. If d/l let's me back, I'll write more later.



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