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12:45 p.m. - 03-24-2001


Well, I survived until Saturday. Countdown til spring break is 2 weeks. Countdown til my friend visits me from Florida is 2 weeks. Countdown til the end of the school year....54 school days. YEY!

I've almost survived my first year.

Update: No truck yet. Someone in Kansas City is holding it get a clue KC, and send MY TRUCK up here! (Thank you!)

I've been thinking a lot lately about certain things. First of all, did you know that alright isn't a word? Well, dammit. I know I'm not proficient in English (not my field), but geez. Someone lied to me in elementary school. It's all right. Not alright. Well, what about altogether? That's a word, right?

Damn English language, too many rules.

Speaking of rules. I've added 3 new things to my pallate (did I spell THAT right?). First of all, I've had this bright idea to start peer mediation in my school. Uh, it costs a lot of money to do this. Ugh!! I want to do this, but it's free of pay. Ya know what I mean? Second of all, I am bringing my students to Head Start to read to the lil kids. So, I upped it a notch and said "BOOK DRIVE!!" WHAT was I thinking?!? I can't run a bookdrive w/o the help of people who know how to get people donating!! Well, can't get out of that anytime soon. So, let the kids learn about community service while they are still underage. Thirdly, I took up the position as Assistant Softball coach for 5th and 6th grade GIRLS. When did the league allow..sliding, stealing, and fast pitch for the girls? I NEVER HAD THAT! Oh well, I guess I can figure out how to slide, maybe. I can steal.....I once took a pack of gum from Grand Union when I was a kid, I guess its not much different. *Maybe*

Yeah yeah..I took a pack of gum. Get over it. I was 10 yrs old and my parents didn't give me an allowance, much less let me have any candy.

Which brings me to my next point. Why do kids think tampon machines are "candy machines?" I know it was in 16 Candles or Pretty in Pink or something, and we'd always joke w/ the boys about it when I was in H.S. and college, but sheesh....THEY'RE NOT CANDY. And, might I add, any guy doesn't understand the concept of sticking a toxic cotton strip inside ya to absorb yuck. Trust me, it's NOT candy. Not the kind I'd eat, at least.


Sorry, I was digressing....(dygressi...nevermind, just get used to the typos)

Who invented the term "mall rats?" I remember using that quite frequently when I worked in the mall eons ago, but who really invented that term? Think about it. In essence, someone is calling you a mall pest. Oh, I guess that's where it came from, but who actually coined the term?

The stupid things that occupy my mind.

Why is a movie called a movie? Why is a highway and a freeway descriptive of roads which usually flood and are filled w/ traffic? Why are tacos called tacos? What IS a marshmallow? Who invented kitty litter? Why is gold more expensive than silver?


Too much time on my hands. It's a sin, I swear.

Uh....swearing is bad, too, but OH WELL...screw it.

Anyways....I'm outta here. MOVIE/MALL DAY. (See I had method to my madness after all.)

Hopefully D/Land will let me back LATER to put more entries in. They usually make me wait a few days or longer. Tis the way of the D/L gods, I guess.



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