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11:14 a.m. - 03-31-2001
Saturdays are for Bitching


I'm back, who missed me? *grins*

Well, so much has happened since Diaryland let me write my last entry. (*checks her watch*)

First of all......I get the truck today. Finally! First of all, the damn salesman either sold me a SOLD vehicle or he SOLD mine......either way, he's going to pay for that today. He's in for something....and I can guarantee it won't be good for him. I have mom's guilt and shame gene....which when used for evil can incur severe results.


(I hope this diary works, my connection bit it while I was typing about the truck...hmm)

Anyways...the lil creaton who tried to make my life a "living hell" because I wouldn't let him do shit, suddenly loves my class. *be suspicious, I am* We're all meeting w/ his dad on Tuesday. His dad has taken his anger out on me for months now. His kid is a dirtbag, and I feel no remorse for saying that. If you knew him, you'd agree. Lil bastard.

And, everytime I log on, my AOL goes bonkers w/ msgs from my students. I don't know whether they're stalking me or entertained by chatting w/ a teacher. *shrugs*

I dunno, I never had this stuff when I was in high school. (*refrains from rehashing the past*)

All I know is that one of my bestest friends is flying up next weekend to visit me for spring break. I'm so excited. She's never been up North. I hope it doesn't snow.....but then again, I *forgot* to put a snowball in the freezer for her, like I promised. So, I have to improvise. (*Think think*)

Well...I have softball practice shortly, but for some reason I want to keep on deal with it. I'm on a roll. (kaiser anyone?)

I'm learning right now that a gym teacher (aka macho asshole wannabe tough guy who's 5 foot nothing) picks on a learning disabled kid. UGH. That bastard WILL go down this year. He's already ON my shitlist for the new millenium anyways.

From what this kid says, this teacher openly mocks this boy in FRONT of the whole class.....where most of them already tease him. He's very very disabled, and doesn't understand when they pick on him that it insults them. To boot...this TEACHER..(*I use this loosely*)...grabs the boy's hand and squeezes til he cries. WTF IS THAT ABOUT?? Oh man, I would love to drop kick his lily white ass in front of all the kids. JUST ONCE. To let him know what it's like to be picked on. He doesn't know how it feels, b/c he was the king of all jocks in h.s. The best ... the state champ. Look at this p.o.s.....he's a GYM TEACHER. Give me a break. No offense, but they do the least. I would LOVE to be paid to play all day.


I hope I don't take this annoyed part of me to the field w/ the girls today. Ugh. I have a heart for handicapped kids. They can't defend themselves, so why be a dickhead and humiliate them? Guess someone never learned sensitivity.

Now look what I'm doing. I'm dedicating this rant to the shortest-yet biggest asshole in my school. I guess I should do it right.


you're an asshole!


all better


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