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5:55 p.m. - 04-01-2001
April Fools

April Fools

Which would probably explain the way this sign-in page looks to me, atm. Har har Diaryland, you are so funny. (*cracks up in a satirical way*)


or at least mine.


(Rain already, dammit)

I went to visit a student of mine today who is out of school until they let him back. (Will not comment on what he/she did, because of legality issues...tho I've never worried about that, have I?) I feel for this kid. He/she is really upset over this misappropriation of power displayed by a certain king leer himself. (who that is, I'll leave up to your imagination.)


First they make us educate them, then we let morons run the show, then the kids get in trouble, the morons crucify them, and we have to shovel up the remains.

Lovely, isn't it?

Prozac, please.

My customary headache is returning. I get bent out of shape when stupid things happen. Not only do I get bent, but I take down the enemy with me. Maybe I'm in the wrong kinda business. Maybe I should be in the CIA or something. At least there I can "take-out" the idiots (and I don't mean to a dinner and a movie).

Sheesh, who releases the morons to society? We pay them GOOD money (more than my sub-standard pay check will allow), let them have their own office (mine is in the 2nd stall of the ladies room, the one w/ the broken lock), and their own agenda. (I have mine, but I can't devulge (not an English teacher, remember?) it because then...I'll have to kill ya.

Well, not really. But I can wet-noodle ya to death. Or, nag you to pieces. Whichever you would prefer.

Most prefer the noodle torture.

I watched the "Dead Poets' Society" last nite. I own the movie, so why do I wait for it to be on tv? I have no shame, I'm lazy. I love this movie. Why? Because Robin Williams does what I can not do. Let the kids stand on desks and chant. If I did that, they'd accuse me of outright anarchy (or worse, pretending to let the kids think on their own), and I'd probably end up working at Burger King (*no offense, I had thought about working here following graduation. Sometimes I still think about it. Food, food for family, pasty uniforms, and co-workers who either just entered 10th grade or are on probation. Lovely, work with fringe benefits. I love it!)

At least I can officially YELL at the morons, OR better yet, spit in their food. No one expects spittle to be dripped amongst mayo, ketchup, onions and tomato, now do they? HAhaHA, now THAT'D be revenge. Revenge of the Germs, Part II (The Burger Flippin' Good Time).

Moving right along.

Why are dentists the type of doctors with the highest suicide rates? I mean, hard is it to do teeth every day? NOt many people die because you pulled the wrong tooth, and drilling is the BEST way to shut people up (trust me, that's why my dentist keeps finding new fillings). What makes their job so HIGH STRESS? (IF you know why, email me and tell me, because I just have no clue about it.)

I don't mean "no clue" to say I'm stupid...

I just don't understand how they could be so damned suicidal? Unless you consider the women they marry...then that's a good reason.

I saw that mentioned three times on Seinfeld (Anti-Dentite)...*hehe*...and several times during the course of the night on other tv shows (I was too lazy to go out to watch a movie, OK? Get over it, I already told you I'm lazy.)

Well...I'm fresh outta new stuff to say...cept

Shells will be here in less than 6 days!

(that was for you kiddo!)

tah tah....until next time.

. o O (D/L...enough with the's giving me a headache.)


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