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5:53 p.m. - 04-03-2001
I knew it

I knew it

First of all...HA HA I knew Diaryland was doing that mouse over for a reason. (and you people thought no one knew... tsk tsk)

Second of all... I happen to know lots of stuff.

Third of all, and finally... when in doubt refer to the Second point I made. (*grins*)

Um, ever have the feeling of deja vu? Yeah, I know it's a weird thing, but is it "REAL?" and I get it over stupid things too... walking in a hall, on the phone, sleeping.

But, nothing wins over my time in dreamland. I love sleeping b/c I usually have awesome dreams. I love dreaming, it's my hideaway. My alterego. It's mine all mine. I am strong, I am beautiful, I am smart, I travel, I have various friends (some from real life), and, at times, I have excellent adventures.

Usually, I'm running.


From someone.

But, the adventure I have while I'm running from people is cool.



How does a person separate reality from fantasy? Can you? I remember as a kid I would love to goto bed so I could think of adventures in my head and be undisturbed. I was cool, I was athletic, I was popular. No, I'm not a loser, get that thought out of your mind. I was/am a dreamer. I dream of everything, I wish for everything. Reality sucks, it's not what the brochure promised. Where are the yachts? The condos on the water? Pfffft. It sucks, face it.

Then...back on the ranch (real life)... I've realized something. Life sucks and it charges admission. Yes, folks. The ticket-taker at the door of life and they're saying....HAHA STUPID THIS IS YOOOOOOOOOOOUR LIFE. Charming, eh? Just warms your heart, doesn't it?

Well, I think I've tugged the heart strings enough for one day.

Too bad I wasted this post, b/c I know d/l won't let me back for at least 3 days. Tis a shame I tell u.



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