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10:16 p.m. - 04-04-2001
Survivor III: Freshmen Hell

Survivor III: Freshman Testing

Omg! Someone smack me if I EVER decide to teach freshmen. Maybe it's not ALL freshmen, maybe it's just the ones at my school. I have spent two days with these snotty lil bastards and I want to use my get out of jail free card to get away from them. We're doing testing atm, and they are absolutely ....uh, I don't have words to describe it other than IMMATURE, IRRESPONSIBLE, yet still afraid of the teacher. (Woohoo for me)

I was thrust into the realm of 9th grade on Tuesday. Since then, I've had to endure endless (4 class periods) hours of giggling, writing on each other's hands (on purpose), passing notes, and being genuinely stupid w/o the use of drugs. (you heard me, they are ANNOYING THE HELL OUT OF ME!)

I teach everything but 9th grade. I rather stick w/ the juniors and seniors because at least they don't need EVERYTHING repeated a gazillion that. I do that anyways.

It's just that, I can't take them. These are the younger siblings (most of them) of my regular students. Comparing most of them is like apples to oranges. Shoot me, I beg you.

But, no blood. I hate blood.

Speaking of blood, I've discovered a site that describes every phobia known to man. One of those phobias relates to the "fear of having peanutebutter stuck to the roof of your mouth." I can't imagine being afraid of that. Or, my most personal favorite, "fear of the great mole rat." I personally love that one. I had to seek out the great mole rat to see what it's fearsome qualities were. Let me tell you something...

It's hairless.

Bald as a cueball.

Shinier than Mr. Clean on a sunny day in the heat.

And damn cute, I must say. (not me, I meant the mole rat.)

Well, I am my field trip for tomorrow (meaning: Freedom from Freshmen). (Wooohooey for me)

Spring break...2 more days....then Shells comes to visit me. (Wooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo!!!!!) (sense the excitement)

She's happy b/c I posted her name online. She's the queen of my post.

Shells, Queen of Today's Post

Everyone, say hi to shells. She's bound to read this and post in my guestbook, as she has before. (2 days woman, 2 days)

Just my luck, I *forgot* to save a snowball in my freezer. Why would I do that? Because the woman has never seen snow in her LIFE! Ain't that kewl? Dammit, now I can't her the snowball.

Just my luck.


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