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1:52 a.m. - 2001-04-11
ALL up in the basement

all up in their face

Up... a preposition at best, but my "new" word. Up in her face, Up in the basement, Up in his business. versatile, yet so functional. Think about it.

So, lemme update you...since I DON'T have a digital camera, let me give you a visual of what "I" see when I look out my window. A baby blue 1970's style toilet, sitting on a small lawn, facing the street across from me. I think the toilet is taunting me. It knows I see it, that's for sure. Yet, no one else seems to notice it's there. Funny.

It's day...uh...4 that my friend Shells has been here visiting. So far, she's made fun of the way people tawk here, the way they do their hair (BIG BIG HAIR), and the fact that no one tawks like her. Funny, we think she has the accent. (hehe)

Even w/ that, we let you stay...


Anyways....spring break has NOT been relaxing. Why? Well, the two dwarfs who co-habit at my house are preventing even distribution of RELAXATION. Friggin' kids. I wanna sleep, they whine AT one another. They don't fight, they WHINE. UGH! I'd opt for the bitch-smack anytime over that.

So, we (shells and I) get this premonition to call a friend of our's in Az....We'll call him hottie babe for short. So, we talk until my phone call gives out, and he STILL refuses to come see us. (POUTS)

Yet, he has time to sleep. Go figure.

I love him, he's so cute. I'd post his pic, but we wanna keep him for ourselves. He's just THAT much plus a bag o chips. (Big bag o chips)

*MUA*<----for our hottie

Anyways.....I'm gonna click done! so he can read this and feel all guilty-like for dissin us this week. (Phooey @ no money and a job, who's into working this week? NOT US!!)


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