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11:46 p.m. - 2001-04-12
Spring Break comes closer to an end

posting rampage

Because we all know how much Diaryland lets me post to begin with. *cackles*

I thought that I would post a regular post and make up for the next few days which D/L won't let me post. I'm tired, cranky, and nearing the end of my spring break. I don't want to go back. Do you think they'd accept that I gave up work for lent? (Even tho lent ends soon and I'm not Catholic.) Aren't you supposed to give up something you "like?" Just pretend I like my job, and we'll say that Lent is my official belief thing and I am giving up the job for lent for only 40 days.

So, do you think it'll work?

(Btw, I touched some old Japanese silk screen which wasn't encased in glass......from the 6th century BC (or BE)...and what do YOU think happened? THE FREAKIN ALARM WENT OFF AND WE RAN FOR COVER. I like to touch stuff I'm not supposed to. So, you'd think they'd be prepared. MOMA that is...Metro. Museum of Art in NYC.)

Anyways....I'm really not wanting to go back. One of my students IM'd me to tell me she got her bellybutton pierced. OH JOY. I hope it hurts. Apparently it does. She keeps touching it, so I told her it'll rot and fall off. (I think she believed me.)

Oh, btw...for you Americans out there...did you know that the Constitution doesn't SAY we HAVE to pay taxes? IT doesn't meantion it at all. So, for the sake of Patriotism and for the Founding Fathers...


There's some common law stating that paying taxes is an obligation, a verbal agreement between you and the governmental (IRS) department of collector scum. I hate giving them my money. I want to grow brass balls just to tell them no, but I need to find proof in order to back me up. I know there's no Constitutional Amendment for paying taxes, it was pointed out to me one day. And I teach US I (and I have a degree in Criminal Justice...hehe). I bought a fake id in NYC.

If I had the capability (and money) to post it, you'd get a kick outta it. It's a pic of the "wicked witch of the west" who lives in Kansas. *Grins* Man, does that fit well.

Ok, folks, nite nite.



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