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11:10 p.m. - 2001-04-12
NYC and the Heartbreak Hotel

Life in NYC

Homeless beggers...

Polluted streets...

Scummy puddles...

and dirty-handed men serving pretzels from a cart on the side of the road...

that's NYC

and, today, shells and I ventured into NYC w/ my family. OMG what an adventure...a tall blonde guy, two kids looking UP the whole time, me and a Floridian HICK....who behaved, might I add. (Until someone almost knocked my kid over and I nearly flattened her out....IN the crosswalk btw)

Just another day in NYC... hehe

Speaking of NYC....I love the place, but not w/ two kids in tow. They can't walk quick enough to keep up...

MAN OH MAN....I'm mad now (Just got off the phone w/ a friend)...*grrrrrrrrrrr* How could a person totally be ignorant of another person's feelings without ...*grrrrrrr* DAmmit. I hate people who act like assholes and hurt other people in the process.

To prove how much shells and I care for our friend, we dedicate this post to him.

we love you rule!

and that bitch can suck our asses!!

Anyone wanna donate flight money so we an fly internationally to kick some raunchy bitch's ass? *GRRRRRR* I'd go if I had the money. I think I'd need about $2800 to fly down for one day of pure booty-whompin (and not the good kind either).

Donate to the "We wanna kick her ass for hurting our friend" fund. (How mature, right? Well, you didn't hear his heartbroken voice on the phone just now. TOTALLY UNNECESSARY. She's lucky I don't know her...I'd open a big ole can of whoopass on her.

(that's the hick influence by shells, btw)

But I'm serious. People suck. Not the mean ones, at least you know they are mean. It's the ones you least expect.


She should count herself lucky.

Back to NYC...

Shells learned a few valuable lessons about the Big Apple:

1. Don't talk to strangers

2. Walk quick

3. Don't make eye contact

Hey, that's all you need. That and a NYC pretzel (yummmmy). It was worth the sore knee and aching feet (if you've been there, you know what I mean).

Btw, fun passes are the way to go...@ $4 you save transportation costs. You figure that each time you go on the bus or subway it's $1.50. We traveled a few times on the bus. (We didn't hit the subway, kinda hard when everything we wanted was ABOVE ground...hehe)

Welp....gonna post again, but first I wanna repeat something....

WE LOVE YOU PETER, you rock n roll, and are SECOND TO MIKE in our universe :-X


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