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11:39 p.m. - 2001-04-12
all for Peter

to the Aussie man we love so much

Yeah I know I posted how much we love him, but I don't think it was enough. He's a sweetheart, and is always there to help ya w/ a problem or a suggestion (not to mention, his spelling is impeccable)<---see? it's rubbing off...I spellededed it right. Woohoo for me. (Shells did the spell-check on me to make sure I was close...)

Does it have one "c"? We're not sure, but we do know we're close.

Back to our friend.

He's a dollbaby...(Sorry Mike, you're booted down to hottie tottie). He really is. I've known this guy for um............4 years now, just as long as Shells, maybe a little longer. He's always there (tho we did have a minor falling out not long ago and didn't talk for 6 months I think...but we've all made up and are friends again).

Back to our friend...(again)

I hate to see my friends hurt (online or irl) and I think that sometimes people neglect to take into consideration how they affect/effect the people they interact w/. I mean...specifically, that some people use and abuse and seem to think it's ok to NOT really apologize, then they make the hurt person more hurt.

I'm not giving you details..I'm just saying...people suck (as I said before..mean people don't suck, unmean people do).

*HUGS* for our friend.

He's a hunny.

we love you man


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