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7:38 p.m. - 2001-04-15
Happy Easter


Well, today is the official last Sunday of my spring break. Hence, tomorrow is my official last day of spring break. I'm heart broken. I will miss my time off away from those brats. And, to top it off, I did NOTHING all week, so now I have to catch up. *YEAH*

Shells is now up w/ her honey in CT, and my week will resume back to *normal*, so to speak. It's quiet w/o Shells here...*pouts*

I need motivation... NOW. I have tons of tests and shit to grade and get in my book...then tally my grades for the children I get to spend the day w/ all week. (None of them mine for keeps...THANK GOD)

Why does spring break have to end? I have 2 weeks til I get older, the same day as the prom, which is the day before my GRE, which I haven't really studied for and will probably fail. (Now THAT'S a run-on sentence.)

So, now I'm in the *panic* mode. I should've done my stuff last week, but when? I started doing something but then was side-tracked. I get that way a lot. And, if it weren't for grades being due on Wednesday (via computer and not even HOME computer, might I add...), I wouldn't have finished jack-shit.


Happy Bunny Day...hope you all got a shitload of chocolate and jellybeans (b/c if it weren't for son #1, I wouldn't have gotten shit either...)

Tah tah...and all that jolly shit.


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