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3:38 p.m. - 2001-04-20
What a week ...

What a week...

Somewhere between breathing and going to pee, I have to somehow manage to juggle (and I'm not coordinated to juggle, trust me) softball, baseball, home instruction for a kid who hasn't been in school for 2 months, grading shit, and relaxing...

I don't know about you, but I think I'm a bit overwhelmed. So much so that I have been breaking into weird fits of laughter and retarded songs sung LOUD during class or in the hallways. (I've even got another teacher singing Aquarius. The poor thing. I didn't meant too, it just happens I guess.)

And, WHO DOESN'T OWN AN ANSWERING MACHINE IN THIS DAY AND AGE?? I've tried calling that homebound kid to tell him I want to come earlier than 7pm. Why? Because I do like him, but I do have a social least tonite. (*Finally!!*)

School rocked for me today. WOOHOO Kids who failed my enormous test (hehe) had to have their parents or guardians SIGN THEM by today. The consequence if they didn't was me calling the parents w/ the whole dirt on their kid. I called 11 parents during my prep. HEHE!! I love my job. I ruined a weekend for 11 kids, at least, and I feel nothing but joy. Why? Well, because these 11 kids are my bad breed... they are nasty dirty lil scumbags who insist on making my life lovely and happy *NOT!*

Well, how did it go? It went SPECTACULARLY. I love parents, and being one, it gives me an edge that the single non-child-bearing group doesn't have... guilt/shame in a parental way. *hoorah* I'm so happy that I was able to invoke revenge on the monkeys...(not the band)

Isn't it so fourth-gradish? That's why I love it so much. I totally pissed them off. But, I have a motive for my madness (as I always say) make them take ownership over their grades, instead of pushing it off on me. And, my incentive plan goes as follows:

pass and mom/dad/guardian wont have to sign it.

Heheheeeeeeee.....I know this won't cure all that ails during test-time, but will shake up at least 1 to try to do better. And I finally followed thru on my big threat to call home.


Anyways... While in the city (NYC) w/ shells and my family, I bought a fake-id. Well, I know, I'm too old for a fake ID, but this one is so damned special. Why? Because it has a picture of the Wicked Witch of the West (from the Wizard of Oz)as the pic. Since they already think I'm a bitch, I might as well jump up a step to bitch-witch...

or is it witch-bitch?

Either way, I have proof of my evilness... no wonder I enjoy making waves. *Giggles*

And, I'm going *out* tonite. I dunno, I wanted my friends to get together w/ me tomorrow night, but it appears that no one is available to come over. (Hmmm) You DO realize this makes me suspicious. I know that either they all suck or they're up to something, or a little of both. Time will tell.

And, 6 days til my bday...

6 days til the prom... ( I finally get to go w/ my husband...hehe)

3 days til our first game (softball)



5 hours til I get shitfaced.

This is gonna be a good week.

(*OH SHIT!! 1 week til my GRE's..............WELL, Guess who won't be passing this test.. *sighs*)

talkatcha later


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