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10:36 a.m. - 2001-04-22
Weekend Runaways

Uhoh Spagettios

The weekend is over, already. UGH!

Hey, I wanted to commend Andrew for the quick and speedy recovery of d/l...and its new ability to let me post freely again (*knocks on wood*).

Ok, so why do weekends fly by and weekdays take forever to pass? I'll tell you why. The Great and Hovering is keeping me controlled by sticking me in a room w/ teenyboppers and their sextoys while everyone else can leave for lunch. I'm sick of teaching, but will hopefully survive the next 1 1/2 weeks until I get my "welcome back" or "clear your shit out" letter. I need the job, I don't usually MIND The job, so I wouldn't mind staying one more year.


My job is much happier now that the asswipe has been removed from my classes. AHHHHH!! He's gone, not allowed to return, and has been banished from my presence until his demise or until someone graduates his drug dealing bad temper ass into the great unknown so he can work the big streets of a certain slummy city and land his lily white ass in jail, rooming with a big man named "bubba."

One can dream, can't they?

Anyways...I'd never admit this outloud, so continue to think I'm a psychotic bitch, because more often than not, I am.

I kinda enjoy the evil side of me that's been emerging lately. I find humor in other people's angst. *GRINS* Must be the job. IT brings out the best in everyone...hehe

Ok, I'm outta here, just wanted to try out the system to see if it liked me again.

Tah tah


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