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4:10 p.m. - 2001-05-02
the 8th dwarf

Summer Job Frustration

I called, just as I have for the past 5 yrs, my summer job to make sure its ok to come down to do the paperwork.


I work at a living history museum that hosts concerts and festivals as well. I left off last year as the "House Manager" aka Head Usher aka Gofer-butt-head-runaround at this place (and at $10 per hour I had arrived). Well, one of the other supervisors and I butted heads. I had been there 4 yrs and he was there for the first time as an employee (no, pumping beer doesn't count as working there). He took over a manager position, when our beloved manager left b/c of heath problems. I had to endure this lil fucker's insults, putdowns, AND patronizing comments (not to mention his yelling, screaming, and fit throwing.....AND his sucking up to the bosses) ALL FUCKING SUMMER LONG. That is, until they fired him for his mouth.

Now, with the former bosses long gone, he was REHIRED (did I mention that he sucks up?) as the Events Manager (100 million steps UP on the scale) which means one of several gazillion things...

a. I have no job for the summer b/c I am not his cup of tea

b. I have the job, but will be reduced to p/t ticket ripper


c. I have to suck it and deal w/ the lil fucker all summer long and wait til he fires me

Either way, it sucks big hairy balls. Ten times over.

My job consisted of (by end of last season): Positioning Ushers, Supervising Ticket Rippers, Security (tho this lil shit wouldn't let me do that completely.....considering he couldn't handle it, and the job was given to me.....mostly b/c he was overwhelmed with other shit and it seemed more realistic to give that to me), First Aid, and everything inside the "tent." (The concerts are outdoors, but inside a tent.) Ok, I did that for 4 years, almost 5, before I started teaching. And, before I was given the "big promotion" of House Manager. (whoopdeedoo)

Needless to say, he couldn't hack his job. I hated it but loved it, that's the only reason why I kept coming back. I kept people on their toes and didn't do that bad of a job.

Here's where I went wrong.

Being as outspoken as I AM and tend to be, I offered suggestions regarding how to "better" the place, how to improve with the same manpower, and I even scrubbed, moved, and hoisted hundreds of chairs alongside my crew. Did I bitch? Yeah, hell yeah. But, I did it. And, I ran my ass off until I couldn't walk anymore (literally). What kind of gratitude did he have? NADA folks, he would say shit like "we don't really NEED you here, we can manage w/o you..." etc. Well lah-dee-fucking-dah. My job was there LONG before he even entered the joint.

He's also about 5'3" and suffers from what I call "Little Man Syndrome." I guess it didn't help that I kept referring to him as the "8th dwarf" either. (*NOTE: i have nothing against short people...its just that this one is a painful fart in my life and I just as soon squelch him before he gets too bigheaded)

as if

So, I'm in limbo waiting to hear whether or not I have this job for this season (which btw, started last week and no one called me back til today)

"We want you back, but its his decision..."

You might as well stick a fork in me, cuz I'm done.


But, alas, there's still hope. I WAS rehired to teach next year, wasn't I? (hehe, inside joke)

I want my job back, dammit. I was good at it, probably the only job I could do well. Very well. YEs, I brag, but you don't know what kinda shit I do for little money. (I started at $5.50 and moved up to $10 bucks in 4 years and trust me, the money doesnt' compensate what I DO there...not nearly close enough)

I'd even allow a small decrease in pay, b/c I know the place just reopened from bankruptcy (how could a historical landmark go bankrupt? Easy, get two shady characters to run it, and watch them pilfer state's kinda simple to do. Obviously. Because none of us saw THAT coming.)

So, I hope to get my troops backing me on this one. I WANT MY FUCKING SUMMER JOB. Because when I start my college teaching job for the summer, I'm gonna need an outlet for my frustration. :)

Ok, outta here


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