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4:26 p.m. - 2001-05-02
Dogs, Cops, and Dwarfs

Frustration, Part 10

Never in a million years would I anticipate this fucker being my boss. I thought I'd add that.

And, hating me is so strong a phrase...


But, my saving grace is that all the other supervisors KNOW me. I may bitch and be a bitch, but I know my job. (Yes, I've continued this rant...)

I guess b/c I act young (i'm 33 as of this past Friday) he insists on treating me as tho I'm a 16 yr old. Normally, I'd be gloating from the attention, but realistically, I hate it.

And... and... I hate being disregarded. At least I HAVE MY COLLEGE DEGREE (fucking lil ignorant snob).

Oh, yeah, and I have a problem masking my feelings. If I don't like you IT'S REALLY OBVIOUS. hehe

Tho, I've learned how to patronize, too. Hehehehehehe (frustrated laugh-a-thon)

I have a softball game today. The girls are doing well so far... 1-1 with a game post-poned. Not bad, considering they were 0-whatever last year.

(*I coach 5th and 6th grade girls in rec softball)

And, today we had a lock-down (hence my anxiety and apparent stress) and a drug search w/ dogs, cops, and the whole shabang.

I was fine. I followed procedure just as the manual said. My kids were in the back of the room, a huddled mass, quiet (er...a quiet as I could get them...and they did kinda well), and coloring on paper. Yes, I said coloring. I gave them markers and paper and told them to keep themselves entertained. Not to mention that I really HAD to pee badly. Fortunately it didn't last more than 2 hours. I heard from someone else that it could last most of the day.

And, some teachers had the cops and doggies in THEIR room searching. The principal told me he had them search my car b/c I'm hiding something in there, but he can't figure out what. It's cigarettes, dammit, no one but a small chosen (there) know that I smoke. I'd like to keep it that way for a while. (Very mature, eh?)

By the way, he WAS joking about having them think he was joking. Hmm.

So, what happened? Anyone busted? Any big takes? Well, I really can't tell ya. If I do, I'd have to kill ya.

(I'm impressed. I didn't spill it to ya. Wow!!)

Ok, I'm done. I need a smoke before softball (nice healthy perspective).


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