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5:43 p.m. - 2001-05-06
Softball and the crazy neighbors

We Rock!

Well, our game today went so well that the end score was 16-14 (we won against the toughest team in our league). Woohoo for the girls!! Tho, I'm sunburned, I feel good. (Well, I'm glad I will have some color on my skin...albeit, it's more of a farmers tan...hehe)

Well, this weekend was fun. I had a be-lated Birthday party last night that ended near 2am. We had SO much fun. That is, until the new neighbor came over to yell at another neighbor for something weird.

My neighbor M found her stuff at a gas station. She brought it to her house, saw the doors open and no one home. She didn't want to leave this stuff on the porch, so she put it just inside the door w/ a note.

Last night the boyfriend came over and M told him that she found the purse and stuff and put it in the house. He said thank you (I just met him and his woman a few hours earlier).

Not more than 10 minutes later, we're all sitting at the table out in my yard, drinking and all, and this little nightgown wearing person storms over to my yard. She asks me who put her stuff in her house. Thinking she was going to say thank you, I pointed her out (didn't realize that at this moment she'd go psycho on her). The woman proceeds to point her finger at M across my table, in front of everyone (12 of us) and screams at her for going into her house.

I see her point in a way. But, obviously she doesn't know M. M is very helpful, always nice, and has no malice in her heart (unlike me). M took that verbal attack like an adult and even apologized. We were all stunned at this scene and were all sitting there with our mouths hanging open. Wow. That totally was a downer. Shit. Say thank you before you scream at someone for bringing your PRIVATE shit, intact, back to YOU. (You who leaves their door wide open and no one home.)

Lucky for the mouthy one, M isn't mean, or she would've climbed over the table to beat her w/ her own tongue. All I could think of was, "She isn't doing what I think she's doing."

Needless to say, she brought fodder for us to laugh about all night. Every time someone walked into my house, they screamed out, "Hey, G, do I have permission to ENTER your house to take a pee?"


Stupid people, I know, but it was funny AFTERWARDS.

I think about it today, and perhaps M shouldn't have entered her house. She didn't think she did anything wrong. In a way, I agree. But then again, the mouthy one doesn't know M. All the neighbors and a couple of friends were there when it happened. I don't think the mouthy one knew that. Nor do I believe she cared. When she stormed back to her "rented" half of my other friends' house, someone made a sarcastic comment that kinda went like this...

"Get your payless shoes and your double wide and go the fuck home."

Besides that, the general consensus (sp) was that her "whipped" boyfriend must've ran home and cried about how he knew who put her stuff in the house. The men there last night were calling him "whipped and wimpy." Sucks to be him. Because you know how men are. One guy cries and everyone calls him names. One man lets his woman fight the battle, he's a wimp. He seemed nice, but his woman is way to tense for words. HEhe. All I know is that I'm gonna make myself very visible for the next few days. I didn't make an ass of myself at someone's house in front of all my new neighbors. *grins*

But, at the time, I was *stunned and speechless."

Then I laughed. Why? Well, on top of the fact that we were all piss drunk, so everything was funny, I know something that the mouthy one doesn't know. I've outlasted the past 4 tennants in that part of my friends' house. Longevity is about 1 year max. I've been here 5 years and counting. At least I own the place I live in.

Enough said.

Anyways, it was a great weekend. I got to spend time with my good friends, drink and NOT drive, eat junk food (no calories counted last night) and have one kick ass softball game.

Life is good, today.


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