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4:03 p.m. - 2001-05-14
Oldness and Stuff

You know you're getting old when...

Loud noises piss you off, whining teenagers annoy you, and slow drivers aren't that bad.

Or so I thought.

Today, when I got to work, I learned that one student nearly died from alcohol poisoning this weekend and the second, while drunk and passed out in a field, HAD HIS HEAD RUN OVER BY A TRUCK. (I assume it wasn't nearly as bad as that, because he's coming BACK tomorrow.)

Mr. Drank too Much was back today.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

So, bogged up with the vision of a dumbass getting his head run over and how he managed to survive with some bruising (he looks like Rocky!!) and no damage, I stop and breathe for a second. Oh God a kid almost died this weekend. Two, even. That realization just stunned me.

Then, first period, while talking to some students about their tests, I hear a RIPPING sound. I turn around (slowly) and notice that this kid ripped the wooden handle OFF OF THE MAP which the OTHER nagging teacher (next to me, who hates me, and despises me being IN his room) POSSESSES (actually, its the SCHOOL'S map, but tell HIM that).

I just about died. I told that kid he best fix it because HE KNOWS that I'll never hear the end of it. (That man will bitch me out til he retires....he's a clinger. He clings to what he can't change or control.)

Lovely, I think. Set me up for a nasty 3 more years (that's when he sets up to retire he said.) THe boy, shocked that he ripped the 3 foot dowel from this RELATIVELY new map. He and everyone except for me, started laughing.

He's dead, that's all I know.

But, by 7th period he made it all better. (At least until I HAVE to tell the teacher that it was ripped. He wasn't IN today, fortunately.) He took the whole map down to shop class and fixed it. It looks better than it did before. I was proud of him. NOt only for the fact that he fixed it, but that he was responsible for what he did. I almost hugged him, because now I'm also let off the hook. Sorta.

But, it was a great job, I must say. He should be commended and reprimanded. I wouldn't have had stress (of that sort) today if he didn't touch the stupid thing to begin with. I can hear it now, "Why did you let that kid near MY map??" or "What kind of teacher are you to let those kids out of their seats??"

Bad enough my special speaker on Friday took his desk as her own. *cackles* That's ok tho. I blame guidance for sending her to my room. I also wouldn't mess w/ her. She was a cop for 20 yrs and her expressions were quite frightening. Finally, after a few hours, she was cordial to me. God, I'm glad I earned THAT. (ugh)


I don't know if I can make it through this month. (Something like 20-something days left of school.)

How will I ever be able to let these seniors go? (The ones I want to get rid of are Sophomores...and a couple of Juniors. Hehe)


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