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9:23 p.m. - 2001-05-15
the FINAL Straw!

Whew Boy!

Official count until the end of school: 24 days.

Another thing: Our school techie sucks.

Yes, folks, he totally screwed up my webpage and now I can't even update it. DAMMIT!!

And, my trip to see BonJovi might not happen. The person I'm supposed to go with might take her dad instead. Bitch. (I do like her AND her dad. Her dad worked w/ me during the summer. He's cool for an old guy.)

He's seen BonJovi already. What a bitch he is, huh? I've waited 15 years to SEE the man w/ the Superman tat and NOW I might miss it. Dammit. Things never go my way.

By the way, how do I stretch a final exam into 2 hours with everyone failing it?

I've been contemplating that for a while.

I have an idea: 150 questions and essays.

You DO know what that means, right? That means I have to MAKE THIS FINAL. (Those finalS...I have 3 to make and have only accomplished 30 questions on the first one so far.)

Sucks to be me.

Well, I have tomorrow off (gotta love those personal days). I'm gonna go watch tv and vegetate.



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