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5:00 p.m. - 2001-05-16
Intentional Day Off #2

Wednesdays are made for taking off

Yes, I took another day off. And, yes, it was another Wednesday. Wanna know why? My school frowneth upon thou who takes Mondays and Fridays. Plus, it breaks up my week. *yey me*

And, to top it off....IT WAS BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE TODAY. But, my allergies weren't. (Dammit)

So, updates updates updates...

The kid who had his head run over by a truck hasn't returned to school as yet. Apparently, he has had problems w/ missing skin on his head. How badly, I dunno.

The lush returned on Monday and everyone and their mother (including a bunch of annoyed seniors) thrashed this boy. Will he ever drink again? Most likely. I would bet that Whiskey won't be his drink of choice for a while tho. (*snickers*)

He should've drank a more manly drink...aka Donkeypiss in a bottle (otherwise known as Tequila). It would not only make him puke, but he'd puke and remember how nasty it felt. Nevermind passing out and going comatose. He'd feel his organs being ejected from his body. That'll learn him. (he's fine, just stupid)

Ok, I've been contemplating this final. I've noticed that there were several suggestions in my guestbook. Unfortunately, I have to give a written final w/ answer sheet. (Scan tron anyone?) It's required by my school. I, personally, think its redundant to make them take a final on the whole year (otherwise called: cumulative hell). We do not have mandatory midterms, BUT I believe my pleadings were heard by the higher ups. The suggestion I had made (one of my many) is seriously being considered.

Yey, now I get to create 6 big tests a year. Whooooh doggie. *grins* God knows I LOVE making tests... and big ones that take hours upon hours to create and only 30 minutes for them to answer "C."

Moving right along...

My friends are finally graduating this Saturday (I graduated from the same hellhole institution LAST May and I'll tell ya...I don't miss a bit of it.) and I'm planning on being a part of the festivities.

I don't know if everyone *thinks* I'm a lush or if I've actually done something to achieve that. I hate being drunk, yet whenever we go out, we drink.

Ugh. There goes what little reputation I ever did have. *snickers* The President's Ball is Friday. This means I HAVE TO WEAR A DRESS.

For those who actually KNOW me (not Biblically, either), I am not the dress person. I own them, but they only graced this body once or twice (usually under duress). Now, my nice pantsuit is dirty and in need of a good drycleaners (they did something funky to the pants. Now the pants are shorter and the jacket is still too long in the sleeves. Damn glad they didn't ruin it. Sheesh.), which means...



I am not gay, I am not manly, I am not anti-feminine or whatever you may be thinking (i.e. gay=stupid not gay=lesbian, just wanted to clarify that...I keep slipping into 80's terminology). I just hate the feeling of hose riding up my ass and the possibility of skirt tuckage occurring. This means: When returning from the ladies room, the rear of my skirt might possibly be tucked into the hose.

That wouldn't be good.

Not at all.

I hear the waterhose, speaking of hoses. The boys are out there ambushing someone's friend. I told them NOT to let the hose didn't sound very good (gutter minds everywhere). I think one of the kids forgot about our dog, who is panting and whining to go out. I hope they don't water her down. (hehe)

Also, nothing like a lil fashion emergency in my yard. My lil one (almost 7) is wearing: blue shorts, a Rangers t-shirt, mirrored sunglasses and this brightly colored helmet. All this while holding the hose on his brother and friend. hehe

He takes after his daddy. I swear.

Ok kids, I have a game tonite. We were slaughtered on Monday, so hopefully we can make up for lost runs tonite. *cross ur fingers*

Tah tah (and thank you for reading my version of

it's her life, ain't it silly

available on the corner news stands soon

(that's because a friend of mine said I'm too damned funny NOT to be published. wait til she reads these...she'll change her mind quickly)




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