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4:21 p.m. - 2001-05-17
Elderly Lil Me

OMG! I'm old!!

For some odd reason, these students of mine (as much as I *loathe and love* them) called me OLD today. Again! I'm not THAT old. Even tho I was in h.s. when most of them were born. *UGH* Regardless, one kid asked me if I was 45. Yeah, I'm 45 and your biological mother. (That'll fix them.)

Let's see. This week, shortened by my PERSONAL DAY OF BLISS yesterday, has been odd. First of all, a senior in my sophomore US I class RIPPED my map (the whole dowel torn off and exposing torn edges of a map that the other bastard teacher I share a room with who feels a kinship with this antique piece of crap) and everyone thought it was funny. *I* had an anxiety attack. (Past experience of this man attempting to bash me in front of my students...resulting in me ripping him a new asshole during the intermission between 7th and 8th periods...causing him to stay out of arms reach for a few months...)

I don't recall if I bitched about this enough in my diary, but lemme tell you something. I was pissed. But, all was fine by 8th period, when but to my teary eyes do appear...a FIXED map.

The boy took it to shop to fix it. I said thanks. He said he didn't feel like hearing it from that guy from now til graduation and then said, "I don't want him bitching at you either."

What a nice kid. *rolls her eyes* I DO LIKE THIS KID. Let me disspell all myths. I like him...he's nice to me, and helpful. But dumb as a brick. And, as motivated as moss. (enough said)

Ok, so Tuesday I tell Mr. Bigbitchingmouth that a kid ripped the map and fixed it in shop class, making it beautiful. He said, "What a nice job."

I fret over the most stupid things. But experience w/ this man tells me that HE NEEDS TO RETIRE NOW. Ugh!

So, Wednesday, I was off (as you know). It was beautiful out and I ventured through parts of my state doing grad school searches and prepping for my summer jobs (still).

Today, upon my return, I get some disturbing news. What kind? My students in my first period (the blithe of my existence at times) tell me the "sub sucked." This sub is a sweet kid who is hearing impaired. Instead of understanding that SHE CAN'T HEAR WELL and may need assistance from them (ha!), they mocked her IN FRONT OF HER FACE. Now, that's downright stupid. She didn't list their names, but lemme tell you about the bitching out they got today.

1. NEVER EVER mock a sub (I don't care if they suck, pretend to be nice to them at best...if not...boy will you suffer upon my return)

2. NEVER EVER make fun of someone for a disability or their race or their gender or their intellectual level. (Someone forgot to tell these boys that they are low on the scale of suitability and I pray they never procreate)

3. NEVER EVER act like an ass on my shift b/c I will remind you less than gingerly that succeeding in life happens when you HELP OTHERS succeed as well.

So, my bitch speech was lost in the translation the first time (same sub as last week, same speech as last week). So, I put an edge on it today.

"I heard through the grapevine that certain people in this room bashed my sub. I hope you realize that she is hearing impaired and that if she did hear you that I hope you felt embarassed. Not only were you acting the part of white trash, but you embarassed me by trashing my sub. I hope that one day you realize that being on the receiving end of a thrashing sucks and if you have EVER received that treatment ... that you should know better. If not, learn quickly...because my tolerance for this garbage is waining."

(Do they know what waining means? Did I even spell it right? No. To both.)

One of the kids who made fun of her is LD (learning disabled) AND HAS A SPEECH PROBLEM HIMSELF. I don't know if mocking someone who can't hear you well makes it better or worse. I told that boy that I'd be seeing his dad soon (He works at the local Diary Queen) or even calling his mother before the weekend. So, he best come up w/ a suitable apology.

More or less, that's what I said. I did this while they were creating a sequence of events of the Texas REvolution and the Alamo. Following the Tuesday lesson on equality and fair treatment of ALL people in the U.S. Obviously, my life lessons aren't sinking in. The next logical step is to give it to them in a way they can understand. Maybe if I make an example of someone, using it to my advantage, then apologizing. Showing them how to FIX a hurt. (tho, usually its never long-term fixing they give.)

These are the same kids who called me old. Figures, their parents obviously didn't teach them manners. ITs all up to me, AGAIN.

I'm sorry if I seem harsh. I find myself the cold glass of water in a heated discussion. The wrench in the spoke of a bike tire. If I give them only the one side of things, they'll never learn.

Then, I caught a kid cutting MY class today. Actually, my buddy the nurse did. So, we called MOM. I love his mom. She is so sweet and man does she give it to him good. I told her I owe her icecream for putting up w/ the nonsense. She laughed and said, "Chocolate w/ whipped cream would be fine." This boy is not only moss-like, but always UNprepared, disconcerning, arrogant, sneaky (OH BOY IS HE), and at times, mouthy. So, knowing this, I put him RIGHT IN THE FRONT...right by me. :)

He is joined by the cranky one, the druggie who sleeps (and still sleeps in front of me), and some girl with a bitchy attitude. The closer they are to me, the more restitution I feel. I'm sick and I need help, can't you tell?

So, this mom was aghast that her baby was sneaking into school late. But what her lil brain surgeon fails to think about is that I determine whether he's there or not, since he's IN my homeroom. Considering the fact that he WASN'T there for 3 days, and a period later our friend is seen wandering the halls, leads me to believe that he's cutting. And, the topping on this sundae is...


(To your right is a humanis stupidis. This specie's habitat is most conducive to alleyways and dark halls. THis specie feasts on the flesh of ignorance and the manners of primates. It is most like the habius stupendous. (Stupendousi Ignoramus))


Sometimes, I'm too creative for my own good.


Sometimes, I'm too smart-assish for my own good.


Sometimes, I enjoy it too much.

By the way, Mr. SodrunkthatatruckranovermyheadandIsurvived was back in school today. HE DOES LOOK LIKE ROCKY. And, he has TREAD marks on HIS HEAD. The truck did roll over his head, pushing him into the soft ground. As I'm told, if the ground wasn't soft, he would've died.

Did he learn his lesson?


I saw him today. I said, "Hey J. come here." (he comes over) I said, "Must be nice to have a head like a brick." He said, "I have once again cheated death." and he cackles.

I asked him to watch "Final Destination."

No one EVER cheats death.


If you've seen this movie, you will understand why I shall NEVER EVER EVER fly AGAIN. *shudders* friends graduate Saturday. Finally. Now I feel obligated to get them jobs. (Damn me)

Ok, Have to go bring the doggie to the vet (I forgot about the appointment for tomorrow...stupid stupid stupid).

Til later

Tah tah


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