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1:20 p.m. - 2001-05-23
Countdown is


In a few hours I shall be at a hotel w/ a friend having a nice dinner. She and I are signed up for this seminar on "How to deal w/ angry students." I keep reading this pamphlet, but it never mentions what to do about Angry Teachers. I guessI should look it over again.


We're counting down. People are giving me all sorts of numbers of days left til school is OUT FOR THE SUMMER...20, 13, 27....I don't CARE...I just WANT OUT. Just like everyone else.

I have 1 final written.(I have to fine-tune it yet.)

I have 1 final left, plus takehome work.

I have to get motivated to actually GRADE things.

I have another stack of stuff.

I'm crampy, cranky, tired, sniffly, whining, and irritated. I've acquired 2 more nicknames today. I think that's a feat in its own (or of its own).

This keyboardsucketh much...I think the spacebaris broken.


Wouldn'tsurprise me a bit.

So, Iwon't be posting til about Friday. (YEY DAY OFF TOMORROW....)

Til then

Tah tah


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