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9:49 p.m. - 2001-06-06
Boy in the Box

Boy in the Box

My Behavioral Science class is studying criminal justice til the end of the year. I found an unsolved case from outside Philadelphia online. Let me tell you, not only is this case disturbing and peeking the interest in the students, but its become almost like an obsession for me.

Here's the link (if it works) or you can copy/past it here.

What's my obsession? A lil boy was assaulted and murdered, dumped on the side of the road in a shabby cardboard box, unwanted and unclaimed (both the boy and the box). This crime was committed in 1957 and has YET to be solved.

I want to solve it.

Or, at least try.

If you see his face (and mind you, the pictures are a bit gruesome), you can see him in any lil boy you know (I see him in my 7 yr old). My students (except the mouth) have totally been engrossed w/ this project. The superintendent, who came to observe me, even found it interesting. He thought it was a mock case. Alas, he found different.

We're displaying the facts, evidence, and clues on the board. I told them, if it would help, I would bring in simulated evidence so they could assess the crime. Too bad we don't have enough time.

If you're able to handle looking at the site, please do. If you're into detective stories and mysteries, read the information online (or, if you're in Philadelphia, check into it) and find out more. The statue of limitations NEVER runs out on murder.

Tis a horrible shame. People have to kill others in order to do whatever it is they do. What's worse, little children suffer at the hands of adults who misuse and mistreat them. Damn them all to hell. I hope that one day, someone reopens this mystery, and finds a solution. It may be late for the person to receive their just do's, but at least he could rest in peace.


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