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4:35 p.m. - 2001-06-08
Testosterone on the Field

Testosterone on the Field!

Ok, I'm freshly annoyed (as opposed to staley peeved). Today was the faculty-student softball game. I wouldn't be so damned annoyed if the men didn't show their testosterone on the field.

Ok, I don't mind a lil testosterone every so often, but 10 of them on the field at once was a little too much to bear. I'm outspoken, and I held my tongue.

First of all... Let's disspell all the myths and rumors. YES I can play softball. As a matter of fact, I played for years and now coach a girls team. YES I can hit the ball (obviously NOT when angry). YES I can field, I played short and 3rd most of all.

Where do they put me??

Right field. Otherwise known as "reject section."

I know, tell me that Paul O'Neil loves his right field. I don't give two shits in a basket. I HATE IT. Whenever I played mixed games, the men felt compelled to oust the women to right. NO plays EVER make it there.

Anyways, I sucked it up and moved to SHORT right. (What could I do? There were 4 outfielders already.)

And, there I stood. Like a jackass. Every play that did manage to make it MY way was taken from me b/c these MEN tend to think that women can't play. Or, they're selfish w/ the ball. OR they love to be in control. None of these excuses fly w/ me.

YEs, I have a bad knee and ankle from PLAYING softball over the course of my life. That doesn't prevent me from playing as well as I can.

I was angry by the end of the 1st inning. I went to bat and I got the "uhoh the GIRL is playing." Mind you, I haven't been a GIRL in eons.

I struck out. I was angry and tried to hit BAD pitches. I know better, but I get impetuous when I'm angry.

By the 2nd inning, I got a nice line drive to the shortstop (who happens to be GOOD). (He's also MY student, so in fairness b/c I can't run well, they slowed down their play and still tagged me out...leaving me bumping into the 1st basement...whom I later apologized to.)

Then, 3rd inning, I strike out. I was being heckled by MY team. The men. The teachers. Fucking assholes. Between the 2nd and 3rd strike, I say (in my not so subtle way), "Well I can't compete w/ all the testosterone in the dugout, what do you expect??"

That shut them up. By then, they knew I was angry.

What also probably clued them in was me NOT talking... to any of them. I wasn't going to leave and satisfy their GRUNT GRUNT urges to be manly. I stayed there and didn't do shit to spite them. Did it work? No, I ended up spiting myself in the meantime.

So, I was 1 for 3 in batting and missed a line drive coming at my right shoulder. Whoopie. I tried. I stayed there admist their oozing hormonal urges to be king. I sucked right field up and spit in on the first baseman's lap (who is a nice guy and our Athletic director......WHO also knew I was mad.)

The women teachers who witnessed this weren't surprised at my outward anger either. I didn't take it out on anyone. I grumbled aloud to myself.


I hate playing softball w/ men. They are buttwipes.

The two girls playing for the students got the same treatment. They at least came up to me and said thanks for playing and it was good to see a woman on their team.

I could've showed them what I could do IF they let me. I was told if I wanted the ball, I should've waved my arms. Bullshit. Don't get in my way when I'm attempting to catch.

Besides that, the fucking outfield decided that the gimpy 33 yr old teacher wasn't catch worthy.


I was a bad sport, I know. I didn't shake anyone's hand at the end. I gathered my shit and walked off.

One (NICE) male teacher approached me after his wife and newborn baby left. He asked me if I had fun. I couldn't resist. (and I don't lie when I'm angry) I said, no, actually I didn't. He asked why. I said my sole purpose today was to stand there keeping the grass from interfering w/ the clay. He looked puzzled. Then, he said, but you played well. I said when? I never had the ball.

Enough said.

I'm competitive. I want action. I love getting dirty when I play. I was TRYING to protect previous injuries (via threat by my doctor to NEVER play softball again...) and I get hoisted to retard land.

(Sorry if you like right...I happen to think that's where they put the bad players...previous experience playing w/ men shows me that they would rather put 5 women in right than to let them play infield.)

I'm smiffed atm, but I'm sure after yelling at someone I should feel better. (BTW, my girls have a game tonite....AGAIN. That makes 4 this week and I'm tired, cranky, and a tad bit bitchy atm)

Um....what can I say?

I am a bitch. I've been through this before, and will NEVER let these men do this again to me. I hate feeling angry. I like some of the guys. The one teacher is a prick, but he's leaving after this year ends (8 days babeee). He's the arrogant ass who stuck me in right. (Btw, I told him no. It was supposed to be a fun game, not male domination.)

I guess I'll never learn after all.


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