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11:06 a.m. - 2001-06-10
Ok now

Moving right along

Ok, well its Sunday and I have grades to finish (I stopped counting work the Friday before this one so that I could get a jumpstart on grades but not let them stop working). Just one class. Why? Because they nagged me for extra credit. Now I have to reconfigure the grades. It shouldn't be that hard primarily because there are only 10 kids in that class.

I'm still getting online requests for extra credit. AGGGGGGH. I say no, sorry, you had your time. I gave out a BIG HUGE extra credit assignment and only 3 kids jumped at the chance. So, sorry. Tough noogies and all that jazz.

The study groups weren't my idea, tho I take credit for them. *Grins* The kids who will show up are going to be three. Mark my words. Three. These three have been the only ones to ask for help. I appreciate them. I'm considering giving those who DO show up to this study menagerie, at least 5 test questions maybe more. That is, without telling them that they are real.

This way, I give them the gift of trying.

I think I'll say, "I'm going to give you some questions which are EXTREMELY similar to those that will be on the test."


Only because they try and fail. I know that feeling.

Speaking of feeling (seque into conversation w/ student)...

I tried comforting a kid who is continually being picked on (this is her 3rd school in 10 years...Ya think its her or the other kids?). She's cried on my shoulder, I've contacted her mother, the office, GOD and the mail man. Much to no avail.

I was picked on in Jr. High. I know the feeling of dreading school b/c so-and-so might be there. I hated going, I never used the bathroom, and I would hide out in the halls whenever able.

I didn't start that one, tho. I was the victim by association victim. The one who knew the assholes who started w/ this large scary group of violent girls (yeah, knives, gangs, etc...go figure, it wasn't conducive to the area) from the SAME part of town as me. Life was lovely during those years. I'd never go out, I'd read a lot, and I joined the band. The band was my only solitary time. None of the dregs would be IN band. I was safe in large numbers.

So I thought.

So, living the time of beatings, being jumped, etc. taught me valuable lessons. Know when to NOT piss someone off. That's the key ingredient in NOT getting the kah kicked out of you every day after school.

She said something to me that has me thinking ever since. "Why were all the cool teachers picked on in school?"

My only response was: "We're "cool" now because we know what it takes to be real."

Been there?

Done that!

Anyway, I'm thinking up a better answer to that. I know she'll be IM'g me shortly. She's a kid w/ many problems. Some of which she brings on herself. I only say that because she's a harborer. If you are/were one, I won't explain that. I'm one too.

Someone just asked me whether I've gotten over my hatred of male faculty.

For now.

Til then, have a nice Sunday/Monday/SAturday. (All depending on where you are in the world.)


Pearl Harbor Rocked!

3 hours

2 hot men

1 beautiful nurse they love


Made me forget my hatred of male faculty for now.


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