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10:41 a.m. - 2001-06-13
Heat INdex

How hot is hell?

If hell is hot, I bet its not as hot as my school is right this moment. Heat Index: Unbearable. Sweat Index: Don't wear black and use lots of deoderant. Mind numbing Index: Huh?

So, I photocopied ALL my finals. I've numbered them to give that faux organizational counting concept. I've given my senior's finals to their proctors (seniors are lumped together into the caf for finals and I won't see them again til graduation). I'm doing well. I think.

When I think I'm doing well, that's when I forget tons of things. Important things. Like my recertification costs. Hehe. I did get the money order this morning. I do have it. I hope I remember to GIVE it to the board office for processing.

Other than that, all's well for now.

Tah tah


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