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6:13 p.m. - 2001-06-20
Its a birthday kinda day

Happy Birthday to Peter

I just thought I'd put it as the title, since he reads my diary on a regular basis. :X

Well, I'm finally done with school. I graded, packed up, cleaned, put away, sweated like a pig, and stood on a long line to check out. I'm done, finished, completed, until Sept.


My son (#1) made the honor roll after struggling through 4 years of school. I'm proud of him. I would be proud of him anyways. But, the incentive was that if he did, he would not only be taken out to a dinner of his choice, but receive $25 for vacation spending money. Man, he didn't forget that.

I'd gladly put out that amount or more each marking period if he'd put as much umpf into his work as he did this past marking period. Yey for him. :x

I'm so sore. My shoulder is killing me. My stress strain hasn't unstrained itself. My finals (first today) were miserable. I was class A first place bitch. I refused to allow anyone to move after they finished. No talking. NO breathing, even. Some kid who blew off my 1st period final on monday decided to show up today. Lil pecker. He failed my class anyways, so I don't know why he tried. (And failed miserably, which matches his attitude and behavior.)

When I'm hot, I get cranky. When something in my body hurts or is cramping AND I'm hot, I become el supremo bitch monger. Hence, I took no shit today.

My second final was great. Three juniors. I love those girls anyways. I even begged them NOT to whine, even a little bit. They didn't. They all did very well on their finals.

On the check out line to leave (yes, we must check out), I find out one of the lil minions didn't pay their book fine. Bitch. She's graduating too. I could've prevented her graduation. For ONE FRIGGIN DOLLAR. She bitched and moaned about that dollar. She even gave me a pass which said she paid. SHE DIDN"T. If I felt better, I'd march my ass over to graduation to extract it from her bitchy lil ass before she was set free. Instead, I told the secretaries to hold her grades. I love power. It's consuming.


I'm leaving on vacation on Monday. I'm going to another state to enjoy myself. I will not be near the computer, but never fear. I shall return.

Ok all...have a good nite.

*hugs to peter*


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