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9:32 p.m. - 2001-06-24
vaaacaaation time is here

Almost vacation time

All I know is that everything I know (with exception to this laptop...which soon will be packed up too) will be taken w/ me and my family to another state so we can spend a week living in a camper cursing out the cleaning wenches who've been there before us.


But, I'm excited. I just wish I wasn't a woman suffering women things. (Enough on that subject.)

I had 1 IM today about final exam grades. To solve that, I put in my message that I don't remember what they got, nor do I remember what anyone's final grades were. They'll just have to wait for the report cards. (Then the nasty messages will come.)

13 of my 130 kids failed. Is that a proper average? It seems kinda high. I didn't pad any grades, I didn't give them points to pass them, I didn't curve the finals (except first period, because they ALL did poorly. Why? Hellifiknow.

I did everything I possibly could. They are the "unmotivated we dont care" class. Obviously not. Most of the 13 are from 1st period. (9) 4 of em are from 7th (mainstreamed we really dont care cuz we're stupid class).

Does anyone realize how HARD it is to convince kids they aren't stupid? Its' damn tiring. Trust me, I spent most of the day convincing them they weren't stupid.

For 13 it didn't work.

Oh well.

So, lemme tell you about where I'm heading tomorrow. we're making a 5 hour drive to Massachusetts (the future home of me, one day, maybe, if i could EVER afford the homes). I love Ma. Its my most FAVORITE state in the US. (well, of what I've seen so far, which encompasses mostly the east coast.)

I plan on hitting as much blatant US history as possible (instead of making it). Lexington, Concord, Boston, Salem, and Glouster are all on my list to go see (none of which I could afford to live in heart's set on the cape).

So, there you have it.

I should go, it's almost time for bed and my older one is naaggingggg me again...

please let him sleep tonite

ok, all, I'll post again upon my return with tales of something or other...

I usually can tell stories of my adventures because I'm retarded enough to have something stupid happen every so often ... or daily if the occassion fits.

til then...

tah tah


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