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10:29 p.m. - 2001-07-07
Belated 4th of July

Happy belated 4th

I forgot to mention that 3 days ago, my bad.

So, I'm feeling less-thought-induced since I showered. (I used soap and water this time...) I'm still always so tired, can't figure that out. The doctor said its because my clock is off b/c school's out, but I think she's lying to me. My clock has never worked...

And, I watched the fireworks in town today (delayed because of rain). I was totally engulfed in the lights and explosions. It got me thinking (oh my) about the first 4th and the celebration once the Revolutionary War ended. That must've been SOME party. I couldn't even imagine. I know fireworks were invented by the Chinese long before the Rev War, so I'm wondering if perhaps they used them following their win. Woulda been grand, don't you think?

Then, it got me to thinking... (but I'll be brief) How must they have felt to finally be "free?" What did "free" mean to the colonists? I don't think we truly can appreciate the freedoms we have in the U.S. We say we do, but do we really understand how we acquired them and at what cost? Several times, too.

Then, I wondered, in my awe of these lights and explosions, how must the British have felt losing to their colonies? Did we set off a rash of revolutions in the world? (Yes, check the French Revolution out.)

What makes people want to revolt? Is it the desire to have more but the ability to obtain some? Was it the grandeous ideals of a few people which caught fire for others who observed the whole thing from afar? How fast did news travel back then? Its funny, because by the time you find things out, they're usually over. Over for a while.

(see how my mind works? Scary, isn't it?)

So, anyways... the questions will never cease coming forth in my mind, but the anxiety over these questions is quelled for now. (*Breathes*)

Never fear, my brain hasn't broken down yet. When I stop wondering and asking, then worry.

Until then... cei'le'vest (I think I spelled it right), adios, ciao, and tah tah for now :)


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