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10:38 a.m. - 2001-07-09
Professor Me

Professor Me

1 1/2 hours til show time. I'm nervous, but not first teacher first day nerves. I'm nervous because its college. I'm nervous because I am "filling" the shoes of someone everyone loves. Wait. Its like the first day of my first year. Amazing, huh?

Ok, I don't know if I mentioned this yesterday or not, but I'm looking for someone to tell me what they think the word "hero" means to them. Its my final project with this class the last week they have me prior to finals. WHat is your version of a hero. If you have a good one, email me. I'd like to hear it.

Is a hero someone who fought in a war? A person who risked their life for another? A Civil Servant (i.e. police, firemen, first aid, paramedics, etc)? An organ donor? A child fighting cancer? A single mother holding down 2 jobs so her kids can have a decent life? A child who takes care of their elderly parent with alzheimers?

Tell me. What is a hero?

I keep hearing many different versions of what people think heroes are. I would like some input before I finish preparing for this project.

*Thank you*

Another question: What's the difference between being a hero and acting heroically? Is there a difference?

I want the students to write a journal about "Who is/was my hero?" I'm not sure they'll know what I mean by that. I am thinking of having them write: "What I think a hero is" instead.

I'm into hero things today. Not the justice league or any of those heroes. Not the sammiches either. I want these students (most of them are inner city or low-moderate level learning ability) to discover more about themselves and who they are this summer.

Anyways... That's my goal. Have them realize their potential. I hope I can do it.

This morning I saw them all. They are a bunch of characters. I think I'm going to enjoy this. Even though I have my reservations about teaching college freshmen (didn't I make a statement about how much I hated freshmen? lol), I think it'll be a-ok.

Til then.

Tah tah


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