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10:42 a.m. - 2001-07-10
Fountain of Youth?

Can't grow old

It's what I've decided. I have seen my grandmothers shrivel up and hunch over. I've seen my mom shrink. I've seen my father bald (more than usual). I've seen my husband bald.

Getting old stinks. That's what my Grandmother (we call her "Nan") says. Whenever I call her and ask her how she's doing, she always (without fail) says, "Getting old stinks."

That's why I've decided not to grow any older.

(Well... I can dream, can't I?)

My most favorite ages to be were 18-19. I loved being that age. There was something exciting about it. I had graduated h.s. and was going to college. I was away from home, independent for the ONLY time in my life (tho mom DID choose the college...long story tho about that one). I miss that.

So, I have to figure out a plan in which I can maintain being young w/o the aches, pains, and problems of an older individual.

*I wish I had this thought BEFORE I hit 30*

Once you hit 30, the aches start. My knee, my ankle, my whole freakin body aches. I coached softball and would come home sore. I'd wake up sore. I still wake up sore.

Maybe there's something to this staying young thing.



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