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5:16 p.m. - 2001-07-12

College Profess..

I don't want them calling me Professor. I don't feel that I've earned that honor. Other people are, not me. I'm just a BA in the world of MA/MS's and Doctorates. I'm a lil fish in a huge pond of knowledge and skill.

But, I'm learning.

Today, I completed my first full week of college professoring. How'd it go? Well, let's see. I managed to talk a kid out of quitting. I've managed to help a sociology class learn study techniques that I hope helped them w/ their test today. I've reviewed w/ my students (all 24 of them) their exam for Monday. I hope they study. I know that most of them won't.

At least I haven't been told that they won't learn from me b/c I'm not black. I feel special in a way. Most of my class (at least 75%) are minority. Does that matter to me? Hell no! I am there specifically for them. My job is to teach them study skills. My job is to prepare them for college. I am the stepping stone from h.s. to college for most of them.

Thank God I have tomorrow off.


I think I've done a little bit much this week. And I've been the stepping stone for too many times this week. Maybe next week will be better. *hopes*

Then, I realized that I have to work 14 hours on Saturday. I will have made more money on Saturday than I have all week? Why? Because, I've realized that college professors at this college make CRAP for money. I don't know how they survive. Honestly, I don't.

It's like teaching a longer h.s. class for less money, no paid preps, and no benefits (parking stinks too). On the other hand, I have access to a tempermental copy machine (just like h.s.) and I listen to the whining (homework againnnnnnnn?).

Well, I'm tired. I have tons of work to do. I have to read their journals, check their homework, and prepare their tests for Monday. (I guess I should write it first, huh?)

Ok, c'est le vie (sp)


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