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11:20 a.m. - 2001-07-21
Abby Road

Good Lord Almighty

I have a concert to manage in less than 7 hours and I have 1 damn usher. That's it. My "new" boss has yet to hire me a staff. He just accepted that 1 won't do it. Now he's scampering w/ me to find people. Nice, thank you. Bastard.

I'm stressing out now. I'm cramping, headached, and stressed out. Not a good combo. I know all the supervisors there are going to help me find people, bodies, something. I'll take anyone at this point.

Oi vey!

I hate this. I have to do this every single show.

Enough is enough.

Then, I get a call from my teacher friend at the h.s. who informs me of all the teachers who left. Now, she tells me, there are all grade advisor positions open. She also tells me that juniors and seniors advisors, although make the most, require the most amount of time (prom, etc). I don't want to be an advisor. I'm happy just helping people out. I don't want to be advisor because I'll end up doing all the work (mark my words). I'll be stressed out b/c these kids think about no one but themselves (typical).

She suggested taking the freshmen. They're the easiest I'm told. She forgets my distaste for freshmen. I loathe them. They are the blithes of my existence. They whine, they draw on one another, they suck face at inappropriate times, and are warts on the butt of humanity. And, for $600, its not worth it.

If I take the sophomores, who I teach anyway, I will have those ex-freshmen who caused me to HATE freshmen to begin with.

I'm also told that I stand a better chance of getting my own room if I become a class advisor. So, let's review...

Advisor + room = headaches

Advisor of freshmen + room = wanting to destroy the freshmen class one by one

Advisor of sophomores + room = me hating advising

Advisor of juniors + room = loving it (for the most part) because they were my sophomores and b/c they're NOT freshmen but still too much work

Advisor of seniors + room = all the good stuff, more money, less free time, and BIG CLASS TRIP but still some of the seniors this year are just as bad as the mealy mouthed freshmen

what to do

what to do

I want my own room, but not because I'm an advisor, but because I've earned it. So, if I want my own room, I'm going to have to become more involved then I already am. That means, no chaperone pay. I'd have to do it for free. That means, meeting w/ other class advisors (I can't even get my dept. to meet regularly and in WHOLE).

This brings me to my next cunundrum... (If I even spelled it correctly.)

What to do if I'm stuck in the room with the cranky old bastard.

I know the principal gets his jollies off of the fact that this man has purposefully (if that's even a word) made my life a living hell EACH AND EVERY day of my first year. He even told me that he enjoyed it so much (the principal) that I'll be w/ him again this year.

I hate men. They find pee jokes, naked women, and burping entertaining.


So, I must go shower, try to calm down, try not to be "edgy" or "morose" and focus on scoring breathing bodies for the job tonite. HOpefully the dwarf will score me MY own staff for the future, instead of waiting for me to find my own.

MEN... they should only know the true value of swallowing first hand.

see ya later


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