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1:15 a.m. - 2001-07-22

Tribute to Abby Road

It worked out. We scampered for a skeleton crew, at best. We barely had enough security (oi vey). I met Alan Parsons, his daughters and wife (The girls are a TRIP and a half), Ann Wilson (Lovely lady), John Entwistle (Cool guy), and my most fav of the night... Todd Rundgren.

Todd even hugged me.

Twice even.


The venue was filled with people who would most definitely FAIL a breathilizer. Some nasty drunks. Even one nasty drunk who is going to "get me fired."

GOOD. They don't pay me nearly enough to babysit them. (I won't get fired. There's at least 10 of these a season.)

I found out that a history teacher in my dept. (tenured) is losing his room. He's going to be a floater. Uh oh. I wonder what this means for me. I found out AT the concert. A soon-to-be sophomore talked to him and found out. I feel bad. I wonder what happened. He's got the BEST room. He has a history closet in the back of the room. I hope our dept. gets to keep the room.


Back to T. Parsons. She was a bit enamored w/ a young security guy up front. I told him, he blushed. I told her, she blushed. I introduced them face-to-face. Her father's band tormented her over it. I have made my mark on humanity.


God, I'm stupid.

I've gotten them before. I just don't bothering them since everyone else wants to grope their stardom.

The show rocked. That is, what I saw of it. I never stand still for any show I work. Especially with a less than adequate staff.

Next time, pictures will follow. I had my pic taken w/ carrottop last year. He's a trip. We had fun.

I have Weird Al's signature. Only because he asked me if I wanted one. Nice guy and very shy. Go figure.

I'm getting desensitized to the performers. Tho, I would've died if I was able to talk to Ann Wilson for longer than "Hello." I loved HEART. She hasn't lost her touch, trust me.

So, any who. Time for bed.

Be back later

Tah tah

**I would like to thank whosever page I *borrowed* for the reference to this Abby Road thing. I didn't get to take pictures, but I met the same people. (This isn't the venue I work at either. I was third or fourth venue after this one.) Well, not ME, in particular. Just where I work.**


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