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9:31 a.m. - 2001-07-24

Times they are a changin'

Do you ever feel out of sorts because things around you are changing yet you remain the same?

That's me *today*

I found out at 1:30am that my security guys won't be coming back. I've heard this before, but apparently, the new production guys feel that we should have *cheaper* guys who do even *less* work because its more *economical* and they can make more *money*

Let's recap: Cheaper, less, economical, money

That sounds like a butt raping to me. I have a big big concert on Friday. IN 4 days. In FOUR days and 7 hours. That means: I not only have a limited staff (but I'm working on increasing THAT) but now I have to break in a whole new security group.


They hate me, I know they hate me.

Don't bosses do stupid things like that to drive out the people they don't have the guts to fire? That's my instinct running amuck.

Needless to say, I've outlasted 3 executive directors, 4 operations managers, 3 production directors, 3 assistants, 2 ticketbooth managers, 1 pr person, 20 ushers and ticket takers, AND the security force.

I'm feeling a bit weepy atm. I think I'll be ok.

It just is not good timing to replace people I *mostly trust* with bar hicks from some mudville location WEST of where I am. (West=inbreeding)

Not that my security force is infallible. They're not. I've come to trust them, even if they sometimes scare me. They watch out for me, protect me against raging drunks and fighting men, they help US out (God only knows that understaffing is an issue AGAIN), and take a lot of shit. Not to mention, they drive over 2 hours to get here.

I'm told that someone underbid them. THey won't counterbid. They're already taking less than they should.

So, I'm feeling weird again. Like when someone you've worked with forever is fired or quits. That sucks. Then you have to start over again.

I'm not one for change. I like riding the comfort highway, if you know what I mean.

There will be *certain* people I miss the *most* in this change. They know who they are. I don't even know if they realize they won't be back. *sighs*

OH well. HOpefully Mr. Production doesn't get a stiffy by firing people, or I'm next. (*Even tho I'm told I won't b*)


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