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12:26 p.m. - 2001-07-28

I'm fine

(Just letting Andrew know that I can post without interference.)

Anyway: I have (or will soon) score points w/ my 10 yr old son. How? I bought 2 tickets for him and myself to go see O-Town. What's an O-Town? Another BOY GROUP. I hate boy groups. I'm going because I want a semi-decent crowd surrounding my son. I tried for *coughs*Aaron Carter*coughs* the younger brother of Nick Carter (from another famous boy band), but they were sold out.

thank all that's holy and right

I wouldn't survive that one. And, I might not even survive THIS one. But, I felt it was time for his first concert.

My husband wimped out. Wuss. I have to take this kid myself to a concert. Which is fine. He's overdue for his first one anyway. My parents never took me to anything and they sure as hell didn't want me going to any when I was older.

My turn to prove to my kid that I can be cool. (I'm also bringing ear plugs. Years of working concerts has shown me that boy groups bring in large amounts of screaming teenage girls. Even though we're on the lawn and not in reserved seating, I plan on bringing the plugs so as not to take out my angst on my son. Its not his fault that he's 10 and loves these guys.)

So, speaking of concerts. Another was cancelled at work. Production and Promotions are fighting. I SWEAR, when you leave men in charge of anything, they screw it up. This one is bad. Last night I had to help with ticket refunds. The police were there, some of my staff, and tickets. We were anticipating a LARGE refund night. Nope. Barely 60 people arrived.

We ordered pizza and hung out.

Why waste a paid night by doing absolutely nothing.



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