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10:49 p.m. - 2001-08-12

I don't get it

My mother complains that I never do anything with her. Yet... When I call her to see if I can come by, she tells me that she's busy w/ church stuff.

Meaning... Church once again bypasses me and becomes her life. I haven't been top priority, or even close, in about 10 years. Its frustrating, hurtful, and makes me feel rejected.

I'm sick of it too.

How can WE have a relationship if she puts the church first? She won't cancel on anything church related, yet she'll cancel on me.

She won't come to the boys' games (sports) or musical events b/c of church. She won't go on a picnic with us or go out w/ us for the day because of church. Its only when there's nothing going on at church that she whines we don't want to see her and my father.

Why don't I count anymore?


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