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4:11 p.m. - 2001-08-16
Lost it

Has anyone seen my room?

Well, as quickly as I got it... in the same rhythm of my life, I lost my classroom.


Well, I won't go too deep into it b/c I'M STILL FUCKING ANGRY ABOUT IT, but...

The teacher who had it since God was a little boy is going p/t. This person was supposed to be in a few other rooms b/c of the p/t status. Another teacher got a nice room (w/ airconditioning *coughs*bitch*coughs), w/o her prep periods. I finally get my own goddamn room and the two women fuck it up royally for me.

They both bitch to the principal.

One because she doesn't have a room...and she has seniority....(and a fucking office downstairs, not to mention and a deathhold grip on the fucking classroom) and shouldn't be "floating" (let the new teacher do it, what the fuck)

The other because she has a nice room but no preps in her room.

Then enter ME, the idiot in search of a village.

I *finally* get a room, I'm excited about it, I plan on how to decorate it.


Smacked inthe rear of the head by two whining females who weren't satisified, so they fucked it up ROYALLY for me. (Btw...the NEW teachers hired this year all have their own rooms. BTW...I had 2 rooms last year, and have 3 fucking goddamn rooms this year...nothing like sharing the wealth. BTW...I'm more active in school than some of the teachers (not that it matters...I'm so angry I may JUST decline advisorship AND the fucking committee they asked me to join). BTW...I endured a year of living hell w/ the motherfucking asshole bastard old fart last year (who, btw, had another teacher ejected from his room so he could have it) just to be put in a room w/ a control-freak suckup-flirting with the principal-good on the knees nearly GONE teacher in my dept.

I swear... I never win. When I win, they decide to take the trophy away. I work and work and fucking slave over shit til all hours of the night and what do I get? El Shaft


I'm seething in angry

I even cried out of frustration

and endured a bad attitude by the queen herself


my conclusion

I'll never fucking win


not even on my knees



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