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3:43 p.m. - Monday, Aug. 27, 2001
1 week left

1 week til School

That's all. Summer sure has whipped by. Sheesh.

I went in today to work on my files (in my tiny file boxes) and I ran into my roommate (and former mentor). She was totally nice today (for a change) and even told me that *I* could have the room for my prep b/c she has an *office.* I said sure, that's fine.

I can't figure her out. Honestly. Also, she cleaned out 2 drawers in her file cabinet for my use. Pleasantly, too. And, said I could have the huge bulletin board behind me and use of whatever else I needed. Someone talked to her, I'm sure of it.

She tried making small talk, but honestly, I was so into the file thing that my small talk was, well... small. She even said I *looked* better than last time (yeah well, bitch, you were giving me shit, I just found out I lost my room, and I was trying to get my books in the right rooms while you were giving me your ego trip and attitude). I said the same for her (amazing what a new position does for a person).

She confirmed her leaving the dept after this year. I still think she'll hate it and come back, putting me into another bind for another year. Who knows, I don't trust anyone there anymore.

Cept for the secretaries... they tell me everything (I tell them nothing but exude their existence as wonderous and great). They didn't tell me anything today. Maybe tomorrow I'll hear more.

Btw...when I made the comment about the plane and Final Destination, I didn't realize that Aaliyah's plane crashed off the Bahamas. Wow. That was weird. Poor thing. I feel bad for her family and friends.

She was a youngin', too. Tsk tsk.

So... Yesterday, I was in IM hell again. My former students (college-bound) were telling me that they had arrived safely. And, man, are they nervous. I did my usual schtick about how things will settle down once classes start and how things will be different than h.s. They'll be fine. I'm sure of it.

Well, time to work on my lessons...AGAIN.

See ya later


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