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4:07 p.m. - Thursday, Sept. 06, 2001
School Daze

Would everyone please stand for the Pledge?

Ugh, I have survived DAY 2 of my life as a h.s. social studies teacher. (Man, I hope no one I work with or teach reads this... b/c I'm gonna say things that could ONLY happen to ME)

First of all....I have three rooms, right? Ok, I hate having my desk (in my "primary" room which incidentally isn't my room...its still the OTHER one's room) in the back of the room and i hate walking past the kids to get to my shit...its rude to give them ur back when ur speaking. OR so i was taught.)

Second of all.... whoever did my schedule needs to be placed in a vat w/ live cockroaches while eating bison testicles (Fear Factor reference #1 and 2). I am in 3 hallways (now as of today 2), 3 rooms, on DIFFERENT sides of the school. Between bells I am forced to cut through labs so as to avoid gridlock in the hallways. I also leave my shit everywhere b/c i don't know where i am yet (still living off of last year's schedule, I guess). I have 20 minutes for lunch (impossible, takes me 10 minutes to get to where i could get food and 5 to get food, 10 to eat (or actually 30 b/c i'm a slow eater) and 10 to get back (5 for potty break). No can do.

I eat during my 2nd prep (which is weird too, but whatever).

Today.......the VP (love her love her) came into my room and said they're moving my honors kids. Ok, I've learned to b/c flexible. We shall move. We get to the new room.....they adapt to the tables, I tell them we're there all year (so I'm told) and 20 minutes into a lesson nomadic tribal movement, guess what happens?

The teacher (old cranky fart) came in w/ HIS class. (we have overlapping periods for lunch....makes no sense, but whatever...not my choice) So, we have over 50 kids.....25 10th graders and about 24 11th graders all standing in the room staring at one another.

I call the VP. "Get us a room, and do it quickly."

I take my babies to the hall (you gotta love these ones....they're actually DESIRING TO LEARN and know what I'm talking about.....most of the time). I tell em to line up along the lockers and to be quiiiiiiet (vewy vewy quiet) The VP runs up in her heals (bless her heart) and finds me a room (rather us).

Now, we're in room 3 for the day. UGH> But, at least it fit w/ the nomadic thing I was trying to get across. BUT...they lost out on 20 minutes that everyone got (if not more).

Tomorrow will hopefully be better.

We have shortened classes, a pep rally, football game (riiiiival game) and a dance.

All of which I've been SUCKERED into working (cept the game, I volunteered to be paid for that). I'll be up from 6am to midnight.

OFF saturday

Work sunday (my life sucks)

and then back to the hell hole on MOnday

good news....besides the obvious drop in my typing ability (nor do i care)....i GOT PAID TODAY.

AND dammit!! it's less than last year?

Is it possible to decrease in salary? I swear they didn't move me up the pay scale. I need to call my friend and ask her.

Ok, I have to never stops.


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