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2:40 p.m. - Saturday, Sept. 08, 2001
Dance dilemma

First Dance of the Year

and I spend most of the night in the emergency room w/ a student's grandparents. Why? Well, because she went unconscious towards the end of the dance and I couldn't revive her (she was breathing and had a heartbeat). She was nonresponsive. Everyone was upset. EMS came and took her to the hospital and I went, too. After several hours of watching Gilligan's Island on a snowy tv, the doctor told me she was awake and he wanted to ask me questions.

I left there about 230am, got home by 3 and woke up at 8am. So goes my relaxing Saturday.

I called the principal today to let him know what happened. No one called him to inform him. That reaffirms my belief that the VP is a dipwad. Still.

So... We won our football game, a girl didn't die, and my leg is killing me. (So goes it for being "active" in school and working both the game and the dance.)

I also found out that my class for first period (now at 30) will have inclass support (not fond of the teacher in there, but hell...let him help the kids who need it. I'm only one person.)

So... that's about it. I've done my gracious deed for the month. I'm tired. I'm relieved she's ok (tho... the "diagnosis" didn't sound right for the symptoms she displayed...), and NOW I have to endure dinner w/ mom, no one home tonight (can't sleep w/o someone home), and work all day tomorrow. UGH. Will it ever end?


at least she's ok, tho. I was worried.

Welp... that's it for now.


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