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4:11 p.m. - Monday, Sept. 24, 2001
Celebs are Jackasses

Celebrity Ho-Down

aka Whoring for Money

Well, I am feeling better, tho waiting for decisive action is boring me to tears. Let's give the terrorists time to plan another attack. Yeah, that's it. And..and... then we can send them an invite to our "Open House" on their country.

Does this sound ridiculous? IT should, because that's all the brainpower I've seen used this week. To top it off, the celebs did *their* part to make me wish I were in another galaxy. They were "fake," naturally... "Oh pleaaaaaase give all your hard earned money. I know, we're rich and successful, but we don't count. Therefore, you, the masses, should dig deep in your pocket and give your rent money to our cause. Because... well... we care."

The sheer esctacy and virtual begging of these ultra-rich celebs made my stomach curl. I told everyone I knew online to NOT watch it. If they CARED so much about the money, they'd have put in an easy million each. Better than that....more than a million (b/c we know all the folks that appeared are multimil or billionaires and a million is pocket change).

I was sickened...and embarassed for the American public by their blatant fakeness. Goldie Hawn, for instance, couldn't look more by mouthing God Bless America WRONG... she couldn't even keep up. To make matters worse, she was trying to get her white girl groove on...and it just wasn't happening. *UGH*

Or, Cameron Dias (and my guy friends all commented about how hot she looked...UGH...she's a chick...get over it)...groping Tom Cruise during the big finale.

Could they pick a more opportune time to hug and kiss?

I wasn't buying this fake rendition of "We Are The World."

Which leads me to my next comment...

Isn't it bad enough that Michael Jackson had to charge thousands of dollars for his recent concert (per ticket, btw) he has to spearhead a "singalong" for the rock stars, too?

These people need a REAL life moment. They need to spend time w/ people who DON'T drink expensive bottled water and get $100 haircuts and wear Black Donna Karan (sp) clothing.

I realized how lucky I am by missing that show. Also, that I am DAMNED glad that I'm a reasonably NORMAL person who has regular aspirations and I am NOT a fucking moron who put herself on display on national tv.

As a TV reporter stated......."Its amazing. They only planned it two days ago. I can't believe they put it together so fast."

Oh, I can.


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