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12:22 p.m. - Thursday, Sept. 27, 2001
day off yey

Day Off

And, I don't even lose a sick/personal day. Isn't that just so freakin awesome??

I attended a committee meeting, as the ONLY woman, for a Community-School-Law Enforcement Advisory committee for my county. At first I felt out of place. MOst of these men are cops, ex-cops-now-teachers, etc. But, then I realized...since I *do* have a Criminal Justice degree...and I had a lot more in common with them than I originally thought. I'm a local (now), and the local police chief, county prosecutors (I work in the county seat) were all there. I'm thinking, if I play my cards right, I'll open doors for a future vocation or something. *Grins*

That's all...

and that I got my FIRST bout of bronchitis this year, 1 1/2 weeks too early.

Oh well



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