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3:38 p.m. - Friday, Oct. 19, 2001
Bland, boring, and predictable

Sometimes ya just have to say...

...what the fuck.

I remember that Risky Business (back in the ole 80s).

Anyways... I'm feeling a tad bit better. I'm tired, hungover (cuz we went out to a pub in honor of a teacher-friend who is leaving us in a week). We got snickered (yes, I stopped drinking and stuck w/ water for over an hour or so)... but the buzz felt so good.

Needless to say, the fence is sort of mended between the math teacher and myself. I have learned to not tell her a thing. Just talk about nothing. Tho, as I recall, talking about nothing got me in trouble last time. Hmm.

And... today was "movie" day. I didn't want to do anything b/c I didn't have time to prepare (i've done nothing all week, b/c bad news after bad news hit me over and over this past week), nor did I want to do anything. They worked hard (sort of) this week, so I gave them a choice (knowing what they'd choose) and they chose the movie.

I don't necessarily agree w/ Disney's version of history, but, in this case, Pocahontas suited the class well (b/c we're learning about Jamestown). So, it was relatively quiet for me. I played on the teacher's puter and the kids watched (intently, might I add) the movie.


This weekend sucks. I still haven't graded flags (2 weeks and counting), and I find out today... I have to work Sunday and I am working the game tonight, and tomorrow I'm going to see a h.s. friend's(who is now a h.s. band director) band compete a few towns away. That ought to be interesting.

One busy weekend, I tell ya.

Have a good one.


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