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4:21 p.m. - Saturday, Nov. 03, 2001

New Colors

I tried to get my hair recolored (I never do that, but last year I was tired of my hair color and had it chunked). Well, having the color I do, hardly anything shows except drastic change. Last year I had two shades of blonde and an auburn put into my hair. That was drastic. I wanted less brassy. Now it hardly shows. I opted for light brown. Didn't work. I paid $60 for hardly showing color. I'm going to have it redone I think. Probably will have her put in a lighter color, b/c it really isn't showing. Its almost depressing, actually. WIth all this stress, my body has changed but my hair is "healthy." (so she tells me) I want COLOR in it. I don't like reds, I like brown-tones. I hope she fixes it.

Tonite I'm going to dinner w/ a former co-worker who is proposing to his girlfriend tonight in front of EVERYONE at the bar. That is so cool. I'm going to video tape it, so we can get a giggle out of it later. He's opting for cheesy. He's good at cheesy.

I hope she's surprised. I hope she doesn't expect a larger ring (putting pressure on him for a large diamond was a bit pushy I thought).

Off to get ready. BBL


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