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11:09 a.m. - Sunday, Nov. 11, 2001


Well, I successfully survived year 5 of the teacher's convention. Oi Vey! I didn't get to bed before 3am (no I didn't gamble), I was hungOVER every day (YES we did drink a lot), and MY FEET HURT... oi the achin dogs. We walked EVERYWHERE...

This year, the 10 of us (friends since college and a couple of add-ons) stayed primarily in the same hotel. Except for the newly-engaged ones (they slept in a nearby hotel/motel/roachden).

Two to a room, worked out much better than last year's evil bitch in my room.

Speaking of...last year, we had an extra "person" in our room (mine and my closer friend). She is the reason I use birth control. I couldn't bear having a kid like HER or a kid like HER'S (she's much older than me w/ a kid who is probably now in 2nd grade or so). I was lectured, berated, patronized, embarassed and a bit humiliated and angered. She didn't know how to shut up, when to shut up, and how to NOT piss me off. (*comments like, "I think YOU need therapy, you're anger scares me.")

Hey, it scares me, too, but *I* also wasn't the one who pissed me off.


Without stopping.

This year was much better, tho when you combine the following, I become edgy and cranky:

no sleep + lots of drinking + whining voices=

EDGY & CRANKY was fun. The whole shabang...

The guy at the jitney stop.

THe guys on the corner that were talking to us in the taxicab.

The jewelry guys (bless their hearts, they were 60+ and trying to tell us places we could go w/ our friends that night)

The "wig."

The "hookers."

The goombahs hitting on the hookers, who left w/ them.

The "gay men" sitting next to us.

The "DRAG QUEEN" that drew everyone's attention (bless his heart.)

The "Dealer" (oi oi oi...yum)

The OLD bartenders in the Gladiator's Arena bar. (That didn't make sense.)

The scary looking cocktail waitresses.


Boom. I love Boom.

Hot wings.

Lots of hot wings.

(I thought she said they weren't HOT???)

Singing at the bar (loudly).

Singing at the OTHER bar.

PO ASS (bass>

Singing at ALL OF THE BARS.

The Monkee's walk (here we come....)

The boardwalk (and walk, and walk, and walk...)

The ding dings.

The psycho-bitch who got my cell number from my NEWLY ex-friend.

"Dodging the bullet"

Elevator races.

Sitting in the hallway smoking, drinking, and talking.

The window cleaners (at 7am)

Being woken up at 630 am by my roomie who KNEW i was in bed by 330 am.

The question, "are YOU alright??"

Buffet? Again??

Scarlett O'Hara at the Cafe (ooh lah lah)

Waiters with a bite.

Loud, noisy, and fuckin funny EVERYWHERE WE GO.

Being asked to quiet down in the restaurant. (again)

(we're used to it, tho)

Seeing the guy by the jitney stop, getting off the bus, and running out to see if he was still there... (wow)

Walking home, escorted, on the boardwalk... drunk, singing and laughing the whole way. (aahhh that was the night)

Seeing all the cops on the boardwalk looking busy (eek)

Waking up GREEN with envy.

The "pub" without karaoke this year (did we break it?)

Sad people sitting for long hours at a slot machine.

Losing big at the tables (B and R, I feel your pain :x)

Riding the charter bus to the center, only to stay 1 hour and go back.

ROOM SERVICE (cheaaaaaaaaaap)

Porno titles (too expensive)

Laughing AT the Porno titles (omg....)

Movie titles (too expensive)


Playing ASSHOLE, Pass the shit, and Egyptian Ramrod at 2-3am... (LMAO!!!!!!!!!)


(we DID have 2 guys w/ us this year... they can be held responsible for MOST of our bad actions)

(Especially the above comment)

(apparently, they didn't realize they had one, that the word still shocks people, or how FUNNY penis sounds when you're shitfaced)

We're freaks, I know... but this is the ONE time a year we can totally let loose and get crazy.

Well, I'm baaaaaaack...

who missed me?


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