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5:11 p.m. - Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2001
math is satan's attempt to control me

I'm NOT a Math Teacher, sheesh

That proves that no one should allow me to control anything with numbers (money, checking accounts, anything financial, stock market stuff, trading, bonds, and all the stuff I learned in economics that I STILL don't understand).


Well, because I totally messed up some grades (mind you, its post-reportcard receiving time).

How did I catch it?

A student bitched that he didn't "deserve" the low grade I gave him. So, being "nice," I went to look.

I realized I submitted this class's TEST grades, NOT the final marking period grade. (There's always a first...) So, I called Guidance to explain what I did (thank GOD they have a secretary who can be equally as ditzy as I can) and asked how to rectify it. The computer grading system is shut off from our tampering (good thing). So... being conscientous (or HOWEVER its spelled) and gave her a paper w/ the REAL calculated grades. BOY, Mr. Big Mouth is going to regret calling this to my attention (I would've caught on eventually). His grade DROPPED 15 POINTS. I guess failing is failing (he was failing to begin with). Har har. It almost makes me feel smart at times to be so stupid. (Don't ask)

Then... I inform them today that new report cards are being sent to them w/ the adjusted grades. What response do I get? (I did explain the error I made, cuz I'm upfront... much to MY mistake) "Did you RAISE my grade?"

Um, nope.

(insert unbelievable WHINGING...<--that means excessive whining in Australia)

(insert foot stomping)

(insert someone banging their head on their desk.. HARD)

(Insert me quietly chuckling in my own world)

I told them that the key to passing is...well...doing their HOMEWORK on a regular basis, as opposed to whenever they feel like it (which is never).

No, I don't give a ton of homework.

Correction... unless they behave poorly and didn't cooperate w/ my lesson (information, information, information, and more information).


After Thanksgiving, I'm expecting 11 parents to call me furious that I dropped their grades b/c I can't add for shit. My excuse has always been, "I'm just a meager History Teacher. Math isn't my gig, but I try really hard. Can I have extra credit??"

What is it with extra credit anyways? I never give it. Its not something you should be entitled to because you didn't do the original work assigned, is it? (Duh!! I'm so stupid, of course it is!!)

So... I have kids, who obviously don't give a shit til reportcards arrive, that DEMAND extra credit. IF they read my classroom policy, they'd see next to Letter C. "No extra credit is given, if it is, its at the discretion of the teacher." (b/c I do give it occassionally to the WHOLE class...and it is usually added to a test grade)

So... I'm in parent hell til probably Wed. If I know these parents, b/c I *know* the kids, they won't complain much. Did I say much? (insert raucous cackling)

Yeah. ok. Whatever.

(arms herself w/ chalk, witty sarcasm, and self-induced pity for someone.)


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